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PraiseU - I Lift My Hands (feat. Iossa) [Radio Mix] (CEDM)

PraiseU - I Lift My Hands (feat. Iossa) [Radio Mix]
PraiseU has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called 'I Lift My Hands (feat. Iossa) [Radio Mix]'.

The song is a great dance track with a powerful message about turning to Jesus when we don't know if we'll make it. That may appear simple, but the lyrics actually summarize all possible stages of a person's relationship with Jesus. Beginning with believing that you can turn to Jesus and hope that He will pull you out... and progressing to a firm unbreakable faith, knowing that He has you and will fix the problem at hand. So, where do we begin, and how do we keep such a relationship going? By lifting our hands to Jesus.

Angelo wrote and sang the lyrics, and is part of a Christian EDM collaborative project called PraiseU, which is led by Nathan. The project is transforming EDM and dance music into worship and praise music, and encourages people to dance. The song was released by Nathan's own record label, 'Worship Music Recordings (WMR),' which is based in the North West of the United Kingdom.

Producer: Nathan Cheeseman
Producer: Angelo Iossa
Writer: Nathan Cheeseman
Writer: Angelo Iossa


You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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