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Yvonne Hartman - Life Is Lovely (CCM)

'Life Is Lovely' by Yvonne Hartman is a poignant CCM song that tackles the struggles of hiding pain and pretending that everything is okay. Yvonne's personal experiences with her children's anxiety and bullying inspired this song, aiming to bring hope and comfort to those facing similar challenges. The lyrics of 'Life Is Lovely' beautifully express the dichotomy between the external perception of a lovely life and the internal battles we may face. Yvonne shares the struggle of seeking peace and answers on her own, feeling her faith and sanity slipping away. She cries out to the Lord, seeking His comfort and healing. The chorus reveals the truth of her inner pain, the fear of being seen and judged, and the facade of a lovely life. But amidst the struggle, there is a glimmer of hope. Yvonne acknowledges that with God, she can find her way, leaving the hurt and pain behind. Trusting in His love and walking in His light, she realizes that life can be lovely, even in
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kerman - come home (CCM)

The song 'Come Home' by kerman carries a powerful message and is inspired by the Parable of the Lost Son. As you listen, you'll discover its profound Christian meaning, even if it might not be immediately apparent. 'Come Home' is not only a personal expression of faith but also a way to share the Gospel with non-believers. The song emphasizes God's desire for everyone to come home, whether they have strayed away or are hearing the Gospel for the first time. It reminds us that His presence is the ultimate place to be. The chorus begins with the poignant lyrics, 'eyes like nevermore,' referencing the transformative experience of looking into Jesus' eyes and how it changes one's life forever. The verses beautifully express our longing to meet Him in heaven, reflecting on the blessings we don't deserve and the doubts that are dispelled by heavenly grace. 'Come Home' is written and produced by kerman, an Estonian artist, and features the

Freedom Heart - When I Know You (CCM)

Immerse yourself in the inspiring CCM song 'When I Know You' by Freedom Heart. This song delves into the journey of self-discovery and finding our true identity. It encourages us to look to God, as He is the one who reveals who we truly are, despite the many voices and lies that may try to deceive us. The lyrics of the song speak to the struggle of believing in our worth and identity. We question why it's difficult to fully embrace God's promises and recognize His presence in our lives. However, we are reminded that the opinions of others do not define us. It is through God's voice and His truth that we discover our true value. The chorus powerfully declares that we will not forget what God has spoken over us. His words affirm that we are loved and chosen, and no lie or deception can undermine the beliefs that reside within our hearts. Our identity is rooted in knowing who God is and embracing the truth of His love. The bridge reinforces our worth and security in Go

New Christian Music Releases For Friday, June 9th, 2023

Here are the new Christian Music releases that we have gathered for you over the past week. This overview contains releases in the genres: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), Christian EDM (CEDM), and Gospel.  At the end of this post, you can find links to our playlists with the recent releases. Upcoming Thursday we will share an overview of the most popular songs that were released today (based on the number of streams). View New Release Archive   (The song titles on our webpage are clickable and open the album / song on Spotify.)   My Worth Is Not in What I Own By: The Gray Havens Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) Love Letter By: tochirebecca Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) Trust You By: Citizen Way, Jasmine Murray Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) Reimagined: Vol. 1 By: Josh Wilson Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) Miracle in Me (Radio Version) By: Red Rocks Worship Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) You Mean The World By: MORIAH, A

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