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Harvest Worship Music - Mary's Song (Christmas)

We are thrilled to announce that Harvest Worship Music has released a brand new Christmas song, available to stream everywhere. This special gift to the church is sure to be a highlight of your holiday season, with its inspiring message and moving melodies. The song, titled 'Mary's Song', takes the perspective of Mary - a humble servant before the Lord, who willingly carried out His will by bearing the Son of God in obedience. This perspective is one that each of us should strive for - to hear God's Word and obey it, no matter the cost. The song personalizes this sentiment and reminds us of the ultimate desire of our hearts - to be servants of the Lord, doing His will with humility and grace. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, 'Mary's Song' offers a moment of worship and reflection, centering our hearts on the truth of who 'Christ-with-us' is and what that means for each of us, in our own humility before the Lord as
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Mary Ozaraga - Beautiful Mess (Christmas)

Introducing 'Beautiful Mess' - the powerful new Christmas ballad from Mary Ozaraga. This emotional and stirring song takes us on a journey from the joy and anticipation of the Christmas season, through the solemnity and reflection of Lent, and back again to the celebration of Christ's birth. Written in the midst of the global pandemic, Beautiful Mess captures the longing and prayer in our hearts during this difficult time. The lyrics speak to the greatest gift we could ever receive - one that didn't come wrapped in trimmings and ribbons, but was instead packaged in tattered flesh and woven in Blood Divine. To the eye, it may seem messy and gruesome, but to the heart that has received this gift and understands its value, it is truly a beautiful thing. With its emotional depth and captivating melodies, Beautiful Mess is sure to become a cherished addition to any holiday playlist. So why wait? Give it a listen today and experience the true meaning of Christmas in a whole

Eliza King (ft. Hillside Recording) - Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (Christmas)

Eliza King (ft. Hillside Recording) has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'Come Thou Long Expected Jesus'. This is a remake of the old Christmas Hymn 'Come Thou Long Expected Jesus'. Elize shares: 'Can’t wait to share this precious hymn with you- softly sung in an acoustic arrangement so the lyrics can sink in deep. This is a lesser-known Christmas carol, but one Dana and I have loved bringing to life. I hope this song helps you to welcome in the Christmas season.' The song is co-released and produced by Hillside Recording and Eliza King, in hope that many would sing these beautiful words throughout the advent season. Thank you so much for watching and listening, and we pray this is a blessing to you this Christmas Season! Lyrics Read “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” by Eliza King on Genius You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Da messenger - Merry Christmass (Christmas)

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays in a new and exciting way? Then 'Merry Christmas,' Da messenger's new Christmas song, will add to the festive fun and excitement! This fun track combines the joy of the season, and celebration of Christ's birth, with the lively and infectious rhythms of afrobeat, making it ideal for getting your family and friends into the holiday spirit. 'Merry Christmas' is sure to get you in the holiday spirit with its upbeat and energetic beat. This song will add a touch of fun and excitement to your festivities, whether you're at a Christmas party, gathering with loved ones, or simply enjoying a quiet night at home. So, why delay? Listen to 'Merry Christmas' and start spreading holiday cheer right away! We are confident that you will enjoy it. You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

Onomen - Not Letting Go (Gospel)

Onomen has released a Gospel album called 'Not Letting Go'. The title song 'Not Letting Go' is a song about holding on to God despite the circumstances. 'Every word, lyric, and melody in this album is a response to God's never-ending love and his perfect plan for me,' Onomen says. 'My intention was to release an album with words that would encourage and remind us of God's consistent love and perfect plan.' 'My primary goal in writing "Not Letting Go" was to express my heart's response in these simple words: "I AM NOT LETTING GO." Months before that, I had been pondering the overwhelming love of Christ, which does not change despite our shortcomings. I've seen that when we fail, He has already made provision for our redemption through Jesus, isn't that amazing? I told myself that if He won't let go, neither will I. So even if I'm not meeting expectations when I should be, and I'm only hanging on b

Jaemie Gina - Around The Table (Christmas)

Jaemie Gina's latest track, 'Around The Table,' is a heartwarming and nostalgic reminder of the power of family. The song explores the theme of forgiveness, acceptance, and the longing to be a part of a supportive family. Jaemie's unique blend of pop and folk creates a soothing and evocative soundscape that perfectly captures the warmth and comfort of home. The song's central image of the dinner table as a symbol of grace and forgetting past mistakes is both powerful and relatable. Whether you're looking forward to spending the holidays with your family or you sometimes wish you could just feel at home, 'Around The Table' is the perfect go-to song for all those moments when you know or wish your family had your back. With its emotional depth and relatable themes, 'Around The Table' is sure to be a hit with listeners of all backgrounds. So if you're in need of a reminder of the power of family, be sure to give Jaemie Gina's latest trac

The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM + CEDM) released in the past week - Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music & CEDM released between December 1st and December 8th, 2022.  Most new releases are published on Fridays. Each Thursday we look at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed CCM & CEDM releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list! So here's this week's chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM + CEDM) in the English language released in the past week: (Click any song title on our webpage to open that song on Spotify)  Rank - Title - Artist #1 - 'Mary Did You Know? - Radio Version' by Maverick City Music #2 - 'While I Can' by Matthew West #3 - 'Moments: Glory 008 - Live' by UPPERROOM #4 - 'First Love' by Ethan C. Davis, Isla Vista Worship #5 - 'All My Oil - Live' by Awakening Music, Vincent Lang #6 - 'Come Thou Long Expected Jesus' by Hillside Recording, Eliza King #7 - '

Top 2000 Christian Music (CCM/CEDM) for Winter 2022/2023 (Published: Wednesday, December 7th, 2022)

It's time for the Winter 2022/2023 Top 2000 Christian Music Chart. We've recently updated our Christian Top 2000 list and are excited to share it with you. We love putting together our Christian Top 2000 list, but, with so much violence in the world, we are also uneasy. We want to celebrate all of the fantastic music released for His glory, but the world's unrest and violence remind us that we must never take life or freedom for granted. We pray that the music in this chart will inspire and strengthen your faith in God, no matter where you are or what situation you are in. The Top 2000 Chart is available as a Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube playlist. PS: In January, we'll update the list without the Christmas songs that are currently included. Enjoy! Spotify : Deezer : Youtube :   Top 2000 Chri