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ASKH - Look at the Sun (CCM)

ASKH - Look at the Sun
ASKH has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called 'Look at the Sun'.

ASKH writes: "My new song 'Look at the Sun', although brief in its lyrics, have a deep and well thought through message. Like many of my other songs, this song has a theme from the created world as well. I have chosen to focus the sun, its beauty and its many given tasks. In its greatness, it praises God, its and our creator. I have always been fascinated with the sun, and thus it was very natural for me to have this theme.

The process of producing this song was quite straightforward and did not take alot of time. Some of the reason for this is of course the somewhat simple arrangement of it and its lyrics. However, I did not feel inadequate as a piece of music and it its message. The idea for the song came to me one evening as I was simply jamming on my guitar, and suddenly this melody and lyrics poppes into my head, and I knew that this is somethinf I wish to release in the future - and so I did.

The main vocals recorded are mine, and the backup vocals are from Benedicte Hide Ask. It is always a bit akward to mix my own vocals, but it turned out quite nice.

I hope you will enjoy the song!
God bless!"

If you wish to learn more about ASKH, feel free to follow ASKH on instagram: @askh_music


You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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