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Rachel Barrentine - Be The Light (CCM)

Rachel Barrentine - Be The Light
Rachel Barrentine has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Be The Light.

Rachel shares: "Hi there! I live in Nashville, TN and I'm passionate about helping people have light-bulb moments with God. I love Jesus, His Word, and you - even if I haven’t met you yet.

My journey through 20 years of illness and Lyme disease has deepened my faith, music, and messages. God is so faithful; He never wastes pain. His redemptive heart has been ever-present through these years…and it continues to be the pulse in my life.

People say I'm honest, down-to-earth, and a little spunky. My passion is to ignite fresh faith and help YOU have light-bulb moments with Jesus through music, speaking, writing, and humor.

My music is saturated with Scripture, and packed with powerful tools to launch your faith to the next level."

What a powerful introduction and this song is about YOUR light-bulb moment!


When the chaos is swirling around
When the shadows are chasing us down
We will shake off the dust of this ground 
We will be the light, Oh we will be the light
When the enemy calls out our name
When he fires his arrows of shame
We will lift up our shield of faith
And we will be the light, Oh we will be the light
With our heart and soul ablaze
We will shine and radiate
The brilliance, the mercy, the hope of Christ
We will be the Light, Oh we will be the Light
We are walking in Spirit and truth
We are messengers of the good news
He’s our Anchor, and we won’t be moved
We will be the light
Oh we will be the light
He is the Lamb who was slain,
The breaker of chains 
He is worthy
He is the Hope of our Heart
Crushing the dark
With His glory

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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