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* FREE CONTEST * The Reward: I will submit lyrics for up to 5 Christian songs to the major streaming services

Here is a contest for Christian artists. Everyone can enter (but the prize is most relevant to artists).

The Reward:  If your entry is selected, I will personally process the lyrics that you send me for up to 5 Christian songs (in English or Dutch). Once processed, the lyrics will appear when people play the song on services, such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Facebook & Instagram background videos, Shazam, and more...

A song must obviously be available on the relevant platform before the lyrics can be displayed. 
This prize can also be used for currently released songs and any songs that will be released in the coming 6 months.

This drawing ends on April 30th, 2022, at midnight. Two winners are drawn out of all the entries, and will be announced in a post on May 6th.

Enter the contest by going to: or use the window below... You need a Spotify account to participate.

Daily Playlists collects the email address of each participant in this contest. Email addresses are shared with me so that I can notify the winners via email. All participant data is deleted right after the winners have been selected. I do not add your email address to any mailing list or use it in any other way.


PS: Don't hesitate to send me feedback about this drawing, so I can include any 'Lessons Learned' next time around.