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Fire On The Horizon - Eternal Light (Christian Metal)

Fire On The Horizon - Eternal Light
Fire On The Horizon has released a Christian Contemporary Music (Christian Metal) track called Eternal Light.

Jon Huether shares: "I wrote the song Eternal Light in a way that will make the listener think and question what it is actually about. On the surface the song describes someone who is lost at sea and battling a raging storm while searching for the sole beacon of light to guide them home. The true meaning though is that God is the light of the world and when you are lost and drowning in the darkness of the world, he will save you and bring you to safety."


I can feel the storm,
it’s all I can do to see it through,
Swallowed by darkness,
I’ll try to endure the crashing sea
It’s hard to hold on, it’s hard to see
The eye of the storm, has its sights set on me
Anger in the sky, leviathan in the sea
His unseen power is what strengthens me,

Light from the shore,
A beacon in the night
Built on the rock,
By the desolate shore

Searching for the light,
Pulled under, drowning in the dark
Shoreline out of sight
Pulled under, drowning in the dark
darkness fades to light
Pulled under, drowning in the dark
Bring me home tonight
Saving grace, my Eternal Light,

Verse II
Off in the distance I see your light,
A sign in the sky, like moon lit night.
It breaks through the darkness, sea of rage
Devine guidance strengthens me
A sea of turmoil, is life’s stormy path
Without you, lost in the night,
Journey through the darkness, sail to the shore
uncertain waters left in the past

Verse III
Strength on the horizon, peace on the shore.
despite angry ocean, waves that roar
You rule over the ocean n’calm the sea
the end of my life is all I can see Navigate the waters, command the sea
hand of judgement rescue me
Storms of great darkness fought in the night
Sound your warning, Keeper of the light.

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