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Alicia Daydreams - Genie (CCM)

Alicia Daydreams - Genie
Alicia Daydreams has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Genie.

Songwriter and singer Alicia Daydreams has a beautiful voice and an amazing style. It's easy to see why she's unique. Even though she is young, Alicia presents incredible talent and artistic maturity through her debut song "Genie," which captivates the listener from the first to the last note.

Alicia wrote "Genie" when she was going through a difficult and confusing phase in her life. During that time, she felt burdened with responsibilities and expectations that she had to meet. There were so many expectations that she felt she had to live up to, for example, from her parents, her teachers, her friends, and perhaps also from God, but her heart was with all of them. In spite of the song's dark appearance, Alicia says it's still filled with love.

Alicia shared with us: "I am a religious person, Genie is a song to express feelings of my age, part of it is to say to God 'your wish is my command', but I can not always achieve what you ask me to... but I am trying very hard."

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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