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The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week - September 9th, 2021

Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released between September 2nd and September 9th, 2021. 

Most new releases are published on Fridays. On Thursdays, we look back at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list!

So here is this weeks chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week:

Rank - Title - Artist
#1 - 'Just As Good (feat. Ellie Holcomb)' by Chris Renzema, Ellie Holcomb
#2 - 'Give Me Jesus' by UPPERROOM, Abbie Gamboa
#3 - 'There For You' by Tommee Profitt, SVRCINA
#4 - 'Hope Or Nostalgia' by Chris Renzema
#5 - 'No Room For An Anxious Heart' by Chris Renzema
#6 - 'I See You' by JJ Heller
#7 - 'Old Dreams' by Chris Renzema
#8 - 'Joyful Noise (feat. DOE) - Live' by Matt Maher, DOE
#9 - 'Everlasting Arms' by Mac Powell
#10 - 'No Body (feat. Matt Maher)' by Chris Renzema, Matt Maher
#11 - 'Heart Soul Blood Bone' by Chris Renzema
#12 - 'Blessed Are Those Who Follow You' by Chris Renzema
#13 - 'You Have My Heart' by Jervis Campbell
#14 - 'Unconditionally' by Caleb and Kelsey
#15 - 'Sanctuary' by River Valley Worship
#16 - 'O Yah' by Paul Wilbur
#17 - 'How I Feel' by Hyper Fenton, Jason Fenton
#18 - 'Alive & Well' by Saddleback Worship
#19 - 'Fill Me' by River Valley Worship
#20 - 'Kills Me' by Taylor Armstrong
#21 - 'Find Rest (Matthew 11)' by Caroline Cobb, Taylor Leonhardt
#22 - 'I Remember What We Thought Love Was' by David Phelps
#23 - 'Spirit Of God - Live / Radio Edit' by Canyon Hills Worship
#24 - 'Little Bit More - Neon Feather Remix' by Abby Robertson, Neon Feather
#25 - 'The Thank You Song' by Kevin Jones
#26 - 'Your Name' by Nate Gardiner
#27 - 'I'm So Grateful' by Chasen, Matt Hammitt
#28 - 'Holding My World' by Saddleback Worship
#29 - 'Aren't We Something' by Noah Paul Harrison
#30 - 'Lead Us Home' by Saddleback Worship
#31 - 'Highest Praise (We Lift You)' by Stephen McWhirter, Jason Clayborn
#32 - 'All Yours' by Christian Singleton, Isaias Baquedano
#33 - 'Be Magnified' by Saddleback Worship
#34 - 'I Need You' by Saddleback Worship
#35 - 'Again & Again' by Saddleback Worship
#36 - 'You Are Good' by The Collective KC, Andrew Pickens, TRIISH
#37 - 'A Precious Hope for Wand'ring Sheep' by Stored in my Heart
#38 - 'Heaven On Earth' by Saddleback Worship
#39 - 'Spirit Of God - Live' by Canyon Hills Worship
#40 - 'unsettle me. - demo' by Darla Baltazar
#41 - 'We Believe' by Eagle Brook Music
#42 - 'Work to Do' by Natalie Cleveland
#43 - 'I Want Faith' by LeAundra Richardson
#44 - 'Fresh Fire (Live)' by LIFE UNLTD
#45 - 'Rescue' by Kassie Bailey
#46 - '90 down 40' by Paul Whitacre
#47 - 'Show me your Glory (Spontaneous) - Live' by Cross Church Worship, Nathan Peace, Sarah Loya
#48 - 'When I Survey (Love Amazing)' by Olly Kiff, Alison Kiff
#49 - 'Awe' by Kevin Jones, David Gentiles
#50 - 'My Sufficiency' by Kevin Jones, Christina Jones

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