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Riley Clemmons - Headspace - Live (CCM)

Riley Clemmons has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Headspace - Live.

You could see that something was happening when Riley Clemmons’ debut dropped three years ago. The impressive “Broken Prayers” proved it had a deep resonance with fans, and that its message of hope wasn’t falling on deaf ears. The Nashville native, who has wanted to be a musician since her childhood days and has a history of community theater work, met her manager in her early teens - writing and performing have been goals for a long time. Now 21, Clemmons is fulfilling those dreams. Just released on Friday, her second album ‘Godsend’ will take her even farther. The singer’s pop music smarts are enhanced by a production sense that’s dreamy, immediate, and radio-friendly. Deeply appreciated in the realm of Christian music, she’s the youngest person to ever be nominated in the K-LOVE Awards (“Female Artist of the Year” - 2021) and often makes a dent on Billboard’s Contemporary Christian chart. She has said that the essence of her recent “Keep On Hoping” is “finding grace in the act of forgiveness” and “finding joy in something as simple as the gift of a sunrise.” There’s a grand sweep to these new tracks, and their power becomes even more obvious in the two performances Clemmons delivered in the Vevo studio. “Headspace” suggests that her latest work should be embraced by a larger pop audience who embraces strong craft and subtle passion. Her talent as both writer and performer is right upfront. Stay close - more coming. 

By the way, we will be sharing the CEDM version of this song with you tomorrow... so watch this space!

You can knock on the door but I’m not gonna let you in
You can play all your games but I’m not gonna let you win (again)
You can step to me with all your negativity
Don’t you know I’m just so over you under my skin
And this time it’s not even anger
I think we’re just better as strangers
Don’t try the locks ‘cause I changed ‘em
You can’t have my head space
Won’t let you in my safe place
You can say what you want, you can do what you like
You can throw another stone, but you’re never gonna see my heart break
Cause you can’t have my head space
For the first time I ain’t gonna give you a second thought
‘Cause your talk is so cheap that the pain isn’t worth the cost
So do your worst to me but you’ll never get the best of me
Cause I know who I am, don’t tell me what I’m not
Now I like the way I feel brand new
Matter of fact I should thank you
I’m stronger for what you put me through
1-2-3-4, don’t you come round here no more
5-6-7-8, you can try but it’s too late
8-7-6-5, finally got you off my mind
4-3-2-1, I’m done

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You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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