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Haven Worship - Call it Grace & Mercy (CCM)

Haven Worship has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) album with the live recording of Heart of Worship in AYC. One of our favorite tracks is called 'Call it Grace & Mercy'. This is one of the songs that immediately grabbed the attention of our team during our review process. This song was the first on the album that we listened to and it immediately touched our hearts and caused us to stop what we were doing, turn up the volume, and listen... The quality of the sound is great, the recording captured the atmosphere and energy during the concert, and as we listened we too closed our eyes and could actually imagine being there during the live concert... praising and sing and allowing our hearts to be guided by the Spirit into deep awareness and thankfulness for His love, mercy, and outpour of blessings in our lives.

We feel so blessed that Abraham Ramirez reached out to us to share this recording. Abraham also shared the following story about the song 'Call it Grace & Mercy': "This song was written along with our other track submitted here before called “All My Heart” (which was playlisted). The message of this song is simple, without his grace and mercy we would not be here today. Without his greatest sacrifice on the cross, we would not be here today. It is because of only his grace and mercy that we live and breathe. For that, we wrote a song talking about his grace and mercy and praising his holy name. We chose to release it because we wanted the world to hear that his grace and mercy are all that ever saved us. It’s important to us because it truly reminded us of how amazing God is, and how powerful his grace and mercy have always been. To the listeners that were there that night worshipping with us, they heard the song and captured the moment of being in his precious love, grace, and mercy."

Haven Worship prays that whoever listens to this song receives like they did that night while worshipping. 

What more can we add except for our "Amen"!


Verse 1
Death was arrested
I’m free
You took the victory
Now my soul will rest in you
Death now where is your sting
Cuz Jesus delivered peace
I will take a step into you
Cuz there’s no where I rather be
Then to be in your presence
in my heart I will sing
A praise that only you put in me
The yes and amen has rescued me

Verse 2
He’s turning death into life
Like a rainfall coming down
Turn all these dry bones alive
Your power works best in my weakness
From the ground up you made who I am
May this be a prayer in my life

My heart is my secret place
I pray that you invade
Fill my heart and soul will with your love
Open the heavens and
Pour out your essence
fill my heart and soul with your love

Verse ending
One day you’ll come for your church
In a powerful roar earth will shake
We will wait upon, you lord

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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