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Ross King - Build The House (CCM)

Ross King has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Build The House.

Here's the story behind Build The House from the artist and songwriter, Ross King: "I was reading Psalm 127 and the words just jumped out at me. Whether it’s my own clutching and grabbing for attention and money, or the Church at large trying to build earthly kingdoms, the real answer is always Jesus and the power and provision He gives."

Lyrics for Build The House:

If the Lord don’t build the house
It’ll fall down
If the Lord don’t guard my city
The enemy’s getting in
I could work my fingers to the bone
Give my mortal all
But if the Lord don’t build the house 
It’ll fall

Working all day through the night til the morning light
Trying to kill the stress in my chest but it never dies
Doesn’t matter how high up the ladder I go
I still feel low
And I wanna get ahead of you
Make you give what I want before you’re ready to
I’m just trying to get  couple of months ahead
On my daily bread
I’m building my own kingdom I’m so exhausted
Had a vision i lost it

It’s like a counterfeit religion that i’m tired of bowing to
A competition where the winners are bound to lose
Is gaining the whole world worth losing control of my soul?
I’m not sure
When I see people, cruel and deceitful
Applauded for violence, rewarded for evil
Sometimes they hide behind pulpits and steeples
Oh power has such an allure
That’s why we’re building our own kingdoms
And forging your name on the contracts
Lasting foundations that won’t last

When the rain falls
When the waters rise
When the wind blows
Don’t be surprised
Cause if the Lord’s not in it
It’s all in vain
If the Lord’s not in it
It’ll wash away

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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