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Cynthia Lok - Over & Over Again (CCM)

Cynthia Lok has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Over & Over Again.

Cynthia shares: "This song is my testimony of how Jesus found me, cleansed me, saved me by dying for me. Because of His love and sacrifice I have said “YES” to Him and will continue to say “Yes” over and over again.
My prayer is that if you do know Christ, that you would remember the day Jesus saved you, that you would remember those special encounters that you have had with Him and that would renew your love for Him again. And as you remember all that He has done, that that would give you the strength to say ‘Yes’ to Him over and over again…even when obedience is costly…even when it hurts…even in suffering…on the mountain tops and the valleys…in the good times and bad times…in sickness and in health…until your last breath or He comes again.
If you don’t know Christ, I want to invite you to say “Yes” to Him and start an amazing journey with the one who loves you so much. DM me if this is you and we can talk more about this!"

Verse 1:
You found me with bare feet, barely breathing
Wading alone in the mud
You washed me in your heavenly fragrance
How could I earn this love?

Verse 2:
In the midst of my sin, you saw beauty
You made me as white as a rose
You clothed me with your grace and forgiveness 
I’ve never been so known

You have wooed my heart, over and over
You proved your love, time and again
I want to be yours forever
So I say “I do” over and over again

Verse 3:
You exchange all my chains for a necklace
Trade all my rags for a gown 
You adorn me with emeralds and silver
And honour me with a crown

I’ll never forget all you’ve done for me
I can’t even understand 
How you sacrificed yourself for me
I’m forever engraved on your hands

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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