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ASKH, Eline Helleland - Coastline (CEDM)

ASKH, Eline Helleland has released a Christian EDM (CCM) track called Coastline.

Helge shared the following: "This song "Coastline" is, in short, a tribute to one of my favorite parts of creation, namely the coastline (or shore/shoreline, such as the beach or other types of coastlines). It is not a Christian song in the typical worship/gospel way, but I am personally a devoted Christian (as well as the featured artist on this song). Moreover, I love producing clean EDM that may in some way show tribute to the world/nature and the Creator, God, who has created this world. As such, Coastline is a typical song of this sort, which also reflect this aspect with the lyrical line in the chorus of the song: "by the Coastline I find beauty created by Divine, so majestic it blows my mind" (Divine with a capitol D, refering to God).
It is therefore an important song for me, because through this music and the talents I have been blessed with, a am able to praise God for his creation in the form of a more mainstream musical style. Additionally, I can provide the world of EDM with clean, trustworthy songs without any explicit or morally wrong content."

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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