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Podcast Episode: An interview with Caleb Stanton about his latest release: "Fear"

In this episode, I am speaking with Caleb Stanton about his latest release: "Fear". 

Caleb is a musical talent from the USA, with a huge passion for sharing Christ's message of comfort and hope to all. During the interview, Caleb speaks about how his musical talent started to shape while he was a child,  and how positive feedback and encouragement have helped him to grow into the Christian artist that he is today. You will hear part of a track that he released in 2018 and literally hear the difference compared to his recent song, as God continues to give Caleb direction in his further developments. In this interview, Caleb talks about his newest song, called "Fear"... a song that encourages all to live our lives in absolute faith instead of fear.

Join us for the story behind "Fear", and hear how faith in Christ can take away any fear that you may be facing in your life today. 

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Enjoy the episode and we trust that you too will discover new artists/music.