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Do you love Christian Music? We are looking for volunteers to help us find & screen Christian Music (various genres). is more than 'just' a faith-based playlist curator. Our aim is to make various genres of Christian Music easily accessible to all, because we believe that wholesome music gives support, comfort, encouragement and has the power to keep/turn the focus of hearts and minds towards the Lord.

Our efforts start with an endless passion for people, for music, for charity, for love, and our God. We curate weekly changing playlists in almost every genre of Christian Music and we inform our followers about relevant new CCM / CEDM / CHH and Gospel releases!

We are looking for volunteers to help us find and screen Christian Music relevant to the genres that we support.

You can help us to verify music if you have an account on Spotify and have some time each week to review music. You can live anywhere in the world... we use the internet to stay in contact.

About the task:

We run an automated search for new music every day, and this search results in a number of tracks that could be relevant. The technology that we use to gather new releases cannot filter out all inappropriate/irrelevant tracks. That is why we need volunteers to verify that songs actually do meet our standards before it is added to the database.

Friday is what we call "Release-Friday"... it is the day that most artists/labels release their new tracks. Release-Friday causes a peak in the workload, and that is when it can take between 15 - 45 minutes to screen all of the new music in the CCM & CHH genres. Christian Hip Hop (CHH) takes the longest time to review, because you usually have to listen to the complete lyrics of the song. The verification on other days of the week can take anywhere between 0 - 15 minutes.

On average you will spend a total of 1-2 hours per week, per genre, with a peak on Fridays.

A number of volunteers take their efforts a step further and tap into new sources for information about New Releases, and in a number of cases are able to capture and share the story behind the songs with our followers/readers.

What's in it for you?

- Be part of our ChristianDance community.
- Share the joy that we get from the feedback we receive from artists/followers... we are touching peoples lives and it is such a blessing to receive their stories.
- An accreditation that can help you to access artists and/or can interest artists to respond directly to your questions, share photos, even meet with you when there is an opportunity to meet up.
- Access to our Staff-Only webshop for shirts & hoodies with our ChristianDance Staff logo

Are you interested in helping us?
Please send us a message using our contact form (

Thanks in advance.

Grace and peace!