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Haunted No More - Vol. I (Album)

Haunted No More has released an interesting album called Vol. I. This is music for a very specific audience... and is kind of music that we call "listening music"... where one sits down and listens to a powerful message in the lyrics.

The music of Haunted no More serves to carry a melancholy, haunting emotion from song to song using a minimalistic approach with piano, acoustic bass guitar, and light percussion. While the vocals echo that same heartbroken tone, the lyrics work in contrast to the sorrow with a message of hope, serenity, and reflection. The duo hopes this will all work together to meet the listener in the depths of their darkest torment, and let them know they are not alone. That even in our darkest hours, we can often find strength in that weakness.

One of the tracks that we liked is called: I Wanna Have Church. You can listen to this track on Spotify: