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Yescene - Natural High

Natural High is the new single from rising Moroccan electronic music artist Yescene. The track combines overdrive electric pianos, guitars, synths, piano and strings to create an infectious groove. The result is something different from your typical 'deep house' - a deeper, darker edgier track with the right energy for underground club dancefloors.

Yescene is a new deep house artist with an aim to bring a groovier, and more ‘live’ sounding touch to electronic music. Originally from Tangier, Morocco, Yescene brings a fusion of rhythms and styles shaped over the last 10 years of playing keyboards and percussion in rock, funk and jazz bands as well as DJing. These influences can be heard in the eclectic mix of sounds that make every song different; ranging from dark, deep basslines to soulful vocals, afro-percussion, and smooth electric pianos.

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