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Our Top 50 Christian Hip Hop (CHH) of November 30th, 2019

Our Charts are based on the actual number of times that a track has recently been played on the major streaming platforms.

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The Top 50 Christian Hip Hop (CHH)
RankArtist - TitleChange
1Kanye West - Follow God (JESUS IS KING)+0
2Kanye West - Closed On Sunday (JESUS IS KING)+1
3Kanye West - On God (JESUS IS KING)+1
4Kanye West - Selah (JESUS IS KING)-2
5Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons - Everything We Need (JESUS IS KING)+0
6Kanye West, Clipse, Kenny G - Use This Gospel (JESUS IS KING)+0
7NF - Let You Down (Perception)+1
8Kanye West, Sunday Service Choir - Every Hour (JESUS IS KING)+1
9Kanye West, Ant Clemons - Water (JESUS IS KING)+1
10Kanye West - God Is (JESUS IS KING)-3
11Kanye West, Fred Hammond - Hands On (JESUS IS KING)+0
12NF - If You Want Love (Perception)+1
13Kanye West - Jesus Is Lord (JESUS IS KING)-1
14NF - Lie (Perception)+0
15NF - Time (The Search)+0
16NF - Leave Me Alone (The Search)+2
17NF - The Search (The Search)-1
18NF - Time - Edit (The Search)-1
19NF - Paralyzed (Mansion)+1
20NF - When I Grow Up (When I Grow Up)+1
21NF - Time - Edit (Time)-2
22NF - The Search (The Search)-6
23NF - Change (The Search)+0
24NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (The Search)+2
25NF - My Stress (The Search)-1
26NF - When I Grow Up (The Search)-1
27NF - Hate Myself (The Search)+1
28NF - WHY (WHY)-1
29NF - I Miss The Days (The Search)+0
30NF - How Could You Leave Us (Therapy Session)+0
31NF - Nate (The Search)+0
32Konata Small, Crispin - Ruckus (Ruckus)+1
33NF - Returns (The Search)-1
34NF - Let Me Go (The Search)+0
35NF - Trauma (The Search)+0
36Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Sunday Candy (Surf)+0
38NF - Therapy Session (Therapy Session)+0
39NF - No Excuses (The Search)+0
40NF - Options (The Search)+1
41NF - WHY (The Search)+1
42NF, Fleurie - Mansion (Mansion)+1
43NF - Like This (The Search)-3
44NF - Real (Therapy Session)+0
45NF, Britt Nicole - Can You Hold Me (Mansion)+1
46NF - My Life (Perception)+1
47NF - Thinking (The Search)+1
48NF, Ruelle - 10 Feet Down (Perception)-3
49NF - Green Lights (Perception)+0
50Tauren Wells - Known (Hills and Valleys (Deluxe Edition))+0 

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