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Kirstie Alyssa - Be the Light

"Be the Light" is Kirstie's debut single. She wrote this song when she was 15 years old. She was hesitant to say how old she was when she wrote it because she didn't want to be looked down on because she was so young. Now that Kirstie is a couple years older (about to turn 20), she is so thankful that she wrote it when she was a young teenager because she thinks that teenagers can relate to it today.

Kirstie wrote the song "Be the Light" in high school. High school is really difficult for many teens and definitely not the easiest place to "Be the Light" as a Christian. Kirstie faced struggles that she would love to help other teenagers (specifically Christian girls) with. The song "Be the Light" is literally about being the light. We are to "STAND OUT and live like Christ" so that others may come to know Him and experience His love.

Kirstie is really excited for the world to hear her music, but she would love some help & a little push. Help Kirstie with spreading her song...

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