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Yvonne Hartman - Walkin' On Water

This song was inspired by the saying "If you want to walk on water, you gotta get out of the boat". Yvonne Hartman's pastor used it in a sermon and after she wrote the song, She found out there was a book by that name. The song is mostly about her music ministry and following God's call on her life. If she wants to spread the Gospel and make disciples through music, she needs to have the courage and the faith to step out of the boat.

Contemporary Christian Artist Yvonne Hartman is a worshiper with a guitar. The Pennsylvania-based artist and songwriter takes the message of faith and weaves it throughout the songs of everyday life. Showcasing the sounds of Contemporary Christian Music, Hartman is known for her authenticity, her sincerity and building a personal connection with the audiences she’s been blessed to inspire. She’s also known as a gifted vocalist and songwriter. Many know her also for her catchy songs and her ability to take life experiences and meld them within clever lyrics, a genre she’s dubbed “inspirational/situational”. Through the years, she’s honed her musical skills and gained a following in the process. Whether it’s performing on stages at churches or during sets at coffeehouses, Yvonne Hartman loves sharing the gift of music that God has given her. A recording artist as well, Yvonne released her 6th album, Great Adventure in November 2018 and is currently working on her 7th album.

Yvonne is on the worship team of her home church, Fleetwood Bible Church.

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