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Marquette King - S90210

Marquette King released the track S90201.

Marquette says the following about this track: "S90210 is a song that I created in a time of my life when things weren't really going as well for me and was kind of lost about what was going on in my life. I decided to live on the beach for a month in the house that the show 90210 was shot in during the 90's.
My life felt like it was going in different directions. One evening I was at the beach watching the sunset actually the cover picture for this single. I came to a realization that as weird and chaotic I felt my life was at the time all the ups, downs, is what makes it beautiful and unique in the end and watching that sunset at the end of the day was a way of reminding me that in the end with all the change in my life that's going on it's going to look like as beautiful as that sunset."

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