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Nzobella feat. Cait Davies - What Is True (Waited On You)

New release... Nzobella feat. Cait Davies - What Is True (Waited On You)
The story behind “What Is True” is one that we can all relate to, I’m sure. It’s not a love song, but, the song was definitely crafted around matters of the heart.
More specifically, about the person or relationship that made you say things that you shouldn’t have, do things that you wouldn’t normally do, feel things that were never supposed to, and yet, there you are, waiting around for something or someone who was never worthy of your affections in the first place.
In lust, it’s so easy to question, to lose your truth, to misplace your worth, and to compromise on your ideas of what you want and deserve in a significant other.
But, the one you wait for, will inevitably haunt you the most.
“Sometime, maybe grow older, and you’ll look back, and think of the gist that was missed and you’ll fall, yeah you’ll fall”
So build a relationship that will help you to grow, will support you, be there when you fall (we all fall from time to time)... pick you up again... and will always be there for you.