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John Quintin - Wild and Free

"Wild and Free" is available on all streaming platforms!

John Quintin wanted us to share the following with our readers:

Thank you for listening to my music. It’s not easy to be an independent artist. It’s expensive and the return on investment tends to come very slowly. However, the most important lesson I’ve learned since releasing my own music is to have faith, take courage, and be consistent. 

HAVE FAITH that Jesus will walk with you through life. He cares and he loves you.

TAKE COURAGE and go after his plan for your life. His presence doesn’t promise ease, but he is faithful. Take courage.

BE CONSISTENT, because it’s easier to quit.

Now, go forth and listen!

Be ushered into thoughts of Jesus, deeper things, higher things, good things.


John Quintin

The track is available on all platforms, e.g. Spotify:
Apple Music:

And of course it is also on our CCM playlist: