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DJ Hollowbase - Arual

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

Here it is, from Finland, DJ Hollowbase’s fourth single! This is a tech Trance melody through and through, employing a sturdy beat-work and a thoroughly uplifting melody. As the overture makes its curtain call, the rousing melody begins the proceedings, launching us straight into the whirlwind of melodic knocks that zip past, one after another, to build the track. As it makes its case, the serenading production is proven to be a proud product of experience and panache.
More about DJ Hollowbase:
He is a DJ and Producer from Helsinki. An old-school DJ who has been taking a break a few years before returning back.
One of the founders of the Club Celsius and the Big Bangers tour. Member of Floor Rockers DJ´s. Was radio host/DJ at
His debut single Starter was released in November 5th, 2016 and second single Emre released in 1st of June. When he’s not making mixes for DBF listeners, he’s making podcasts, new club bangers, and anthems while touring across Europe and performing in various venues.