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Antony Alexander - Forgiven

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekst

Antony Alexander just released a new song called Forgiven. It is an upbeat EDM track with a female vocal. The words in the lyrics are something every Christian can relate to, being forgiven, and obviously forgiving others.
A little background about Antony Alexander. When you listen to the song (the music, the lyrics, the way the song has been mastered), it should come as no surprise that London-area EDM artist Antony Alexander is devoting much of his life to the art of creating music. The Kent County resident will be the first to tell you about the pictures of him when he was a young boy experimenting with the notes and sounds coming from a keyboard. It wasn’t long until Antony was caught up in the synth revolution, experimenting with multi-tracking, and finding inspiration in artists like New Order, The Buggles, and The Shamen.