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Carmel Worship - Shape of the Cross (CCM)

If you're looking for a beautiful and powerful song to listen to this Lent, I highly recommend 'Shape of the Cross' by Carmel Worship. This song beautifully captures the essence of Lent and the power of God's love and grace. The lyrics speak of our fallenness and how God's love is greater than our sin, leading us to the newness of life. The acoustic-driven melody and richly-textured chords in the bridge add to the spiritual depth of the song. It starts with a humble plea to the Lord, asking Him to fill us with grace and cover our evil, and the chorus beautifully captures the vastness of God's love. The second verse speaks of how we are buried with Christ and raised to walk in the newness of life, even when we fall again. The bridge takes us deeper into the heart of salvation, reminding us of the shape of the cross and the depth of God's love. 'Shape of the Cross' is a powerful and inspiring song that will uplift your spirit and remind you of the tran

Richard Lynch - Thankful, Grateful and Blessed (CCM)

Richard Lynch's 'Thankful, Grateful and Blessed' is a moving and upbeat country song that encourages gratitude and positivity toward life. The song highlights how God has provided direction in Lynch's life, leading him to happiness and fulfillment. Lynch's music style combines modern and traditional techniques, creating a unique and refreshing sound. He is known for his authentic approach and genuine storytelling through music. The song is the last track on his album 'Radio Friend', which is a collection of 12 stories, and this song wraps up all the stories on this album with a message of gratitude and thankfulness. A bumper sticker served as the catalyst for the creation of this song. Richard Lynch was in line at a local McDonald's drive-thru when he noticed a small car in front of him with half of the back window covered in bumper stickers. 'Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed,' one of them said. It had been a while since Richard had written a song

HeIsTheArtist - God Is On My Mind (R&B)

HeIsTheArtist's song 'God Is On My Mind' is a great reminder in today's fast-paced world that God is always with us, even when we lack patience. The song reiterates the biblical message that sometimes we have to wait for God's greatest gifts, but they are always worth the wait. The song begins with the repeated phrase 'Each and every time' followed by 'Woosah,' which means taking a deep breath during stressful situations. This is a powerful way to convey the importance of pausing and taking a deep breath when we feel overwhelmed. The song continues to repeat 'Woosah' throughout, creating a rhythmic and meditative experience for the listener. The lyrics touch on the idea that people have tried to take advantage of the artist, to 'make a buck off' him, but the artist remains confident that 'God is on his way.' The repeated phrase 'God is on his way' serves as a powerful affirmation of faith, encouraging listeners to trus

Amanda Joy Powell - Lay Your Burdens Down (CCM)

Amanda Joy Powell's song 'Lay Your Burdens Down' is a heartfelt and moving plea to those who may be struggling with difficult emotions or circumstances. The song's lyrics are a reminder that we don't have to carry our burdens alone, and that we can find hope and freedom in Jesus. Powell's inspiration for the song came from a powerful encounter with a woman consumed with anger and bitterness, who was struggling to let go of her burden. Amanda shares: 'The day before writing this song, I had just been talking with a woman who was consumed with anger, resentment, and bitterness; and she wasn’t ready to let go of it. Her burden had become such a part of her that she was more comfortable carrying it around with her than laying it down at the foot of the cross. I remember leaving that situation and just crying for HOURS! Praying on her behalf that God would help her to let go, and to forgive, so her healing could start. My heart was shattered for her. As I was lay

Jekalyn Carr - I Believe God (Gospel)

Jekalyn Carr's latest single, 'I Believe God,' is a powerful testament to the healing power of faith. The song's vocal melody is adorned with daring swoops and beautiful strands of notes, but Carr never loses sight of the main message or oversells her lyrics. Instead, she lets her testimony of faith speak for itself. Carr assures us that God is always present for those who listen to His voice and believe in Him, and that no challenge is too great or difficult for the Almighty Creator. Through her song, Carr wants to remind listeners that they too can experience the same salvation and glory. The lyrics of the song are simple yet impactful, with a clear message of faith and hope. Carr sings about her belief that God heals, makes a way, restores, and opens doors. She believes that God is the God of peace, and that He is everything to her. She also believes that God hears and answers prayers, sees our struggles, and speaks for us. Carr's unwavering faith is reflected in

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