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Second Adam & The New Creations - Kiss the Son (Rock)

Second Adam & The New Creations has released a Christian Rock track called 'Kiss the Son'. Kiss the Son is a fun rock song with lyrics inspired by biblical texts such as Psalm 2 and John 6. To Kiss the Son is simply believing He is who He says He is. To put our faith and hope in Him. It also serves as a reminder that we don't know who God's elect people are, but we are commanded to spread the gospel to all nations and trust that His people will hear His voice.  The song begins with a simple rock riff that builds into an energetic chorus. The lyrics are powerful, reminding us that God has called us to be His witnesses, even when it appears that no one else believes or cares about what we have to say. Lyrics Read “Kiss the Son” by Second Adam & The New Creations on Genius You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the

We Got Love Project - We Got Love (CCM)

We Got Love Project has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'We Got Love'. Two of the project's contributors, Becca Folkes and Tertia May, lead the charge with the EP title track, and the message that lays central to the project, as they release UKG drop, 'We Got Love', ahead of the release of We Got Love Project's forthcoming EP dropping later this month. The track begins with a shuffling, syncopated beat, infused with throwback percussive styles, and serves as the backdrop to the uplifting vocals of Becca Folkes and Tertia May. The track, which encourages their listeners with sunshine vibes and feel-good lyricism, relays the poignant message in current times, that no matter what comes our way, 'We Got Love' to rely on. The collaborative track is a celebration of talent, positively wrapped in a dancefloor filler, and features award-winning UK star Becca Folkes, who has carved an incredible lane in the UK Gospel scene. We Got L

Tehillah Worship - At the Name of Jesus - Live (CCM)

Tehillah Worship has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'At the Name of Jesus - Live'. Tehillah Worship is a Canadian music collective based at Calgary's First Assembly Church. With new songs and music, they hope to equip and encourage the Canadian church to move God's heart. Tehillah Worship believes that the beauty and light of Jesus can transform a nation and that music and the arts are powerful mediums that God will use to spark renewal and revitalization in Canada and other countries around the world.   'At the Name of Jesus' is a song that sparks renewal, and we trust that spark will ignite your heart. We are sharing the lyrics below, but for those who prefer to read an abbreviated tl;dr version... :  Singing Jesus, Jesus only You, no other name can save. At the name of Jesus, all creation shouts out in praise. The name we call on for burdens to be lifted, the name we cry out for shackles to be broken. The one who fought and trium

Aaron Slaton - Shake em Off (R&B/CHH)

Aaron Slaton has released a Christian R&B Hip Hop track called 'Shake em Off'. 'Shake em Off' is a fast-paced Christian hip-hop track that I can see people dancing to. The song helps us to navigate away from the dangers caused by despair. There's a simple message to remember: don't let the enemy weigh you down with life, rather brush it off and keep going when things get tough and the enemy comes after you.  You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Would you like to hear more R&B/CHH music? Then check out our Christian playlists on:

The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM + CEDM) released in the past week - Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music & CEDM released between November 10th and November 17th, 2022.  Most new releases are published on Fridays. Each Thursday we look at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed CCM & CEDM releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list! So here's this week's chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM + CEDM) in the English language released in the past week: (Click any song title on our webpage to open that song on Spotify)  Rank - Title - Artist #1 - 'The Praise Is Yours - Live' by Matt Redman #2 - 'Make It Out Alive' by Kristian Stanfill #3 - 'Pour My Love On You' by UPPERROOM, Abbie Gamboa, Jonathan Lewis #4 - 'Don't Give Up' by United Pursuit, Will Reagan #5 - 'We Crown You' by Jeremy Riddle #6 - 'Be Near' by UPPERROOM, Haleigh Nordmeyer, Torre Stewart #7 - 'I Want To

JOURNEYGLO - Not a Tyrant (CCM)

JOURNEYGLO delivers a song called 'Not a Tyrant', that moves between delicacy and vulnerability while traversing the various nuances of CCM, highlighting her excellent vocals and guitar work.  This song was inspired by the artist's personal experience with a void in language for those who are questioning but wholeheartedly seeking God. To bring the song to life, the artist collaborated with UPPERROOM's producer, Oscar Gamboa (millions of monthly listeners). You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Would you like to hear more CCM music? Then check out our Christian playlists on:

Dr Jaymz - On Fire (CEDM)

Dr Jaymz has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called 'On Fire '. Dr Jaymz, a missionary turned EDM artist, delivers a hopeful, relatable, and infectious track about anxiety. Dr Jaymz's soulful vocals and optimistic lyrics sit atop an entrancing four to the floor beat and melodic synths on this captivating slap house track. 'On Fire,' with its important message, will not only restore your faith, but will also get you back on your feet.  Lyrics Read “On Fire” by Dr Jaymz on Genius You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Would you like to hear more CEDM music? Then check out our Christian playlists on:

Andrew Ehrenzeller - Leading Me Somewhere (CCM)

Andrew Ehrenzeller has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'Leading Me Somewhere'. 'Leading Me Somewhere' is a brand new song full of energy and a pop-rock vibe. Andrew considers this to be one of his favorite songs. It is a faith-based Christian song about our life journey with God. It's a song about becoming an image bearer of Jesus and focusing on what lasts rather than what is fleeting. About Andrew Ehrenzeller Andrew is a worship leader/songwriter who uses song and lyrical depth to invite others into a relationship with the Father. His musical offerings have helped countless people in connecting directly to the heart of God. His desire is not only to lead people into God's presence but also to equip them to lead themselves. Andrew, a Florida native, has spent the last two decades writing, recording, and touring extensively throughout the world, teaching and imparting a spirit of worship and revival. Andrew and Mary Kat, his wife,

Jelani Malik - SHUFFLE (R&B/CHH)

Jelani (Juh-lawn-ee) Malik, an Orlando-based rapper, has just released his debut album, 'INSIDE.'  The album features a delectable blending of a soft, hushed melody with stirring lyrics, creating a calming sensation in the ears. Due to its well-structured rhymes, powerful vocal delivery, and catchy beat, 'SHUFFLE' (one of the songs on the album) is a great song to include on that hip-hop-heavy playlist. SHUFFLE is a gentle reminder to seek the support you require to live a more fulfilling life rather than merely going through the motions. About Jelani (Juh-lawn-ee) Malik Jelani (Juh-lawn-ee) (Juh-lawn-ee) Malik is a Hip Hop artist from Orlando who combines a forward-thinking flow with the distinct lyricism of the east coast. He was born and raised in Long Island, New York, and began making music very young. Jelani releases music with the goal of fostering faith, hope, awareness, and upliftment in people, drawing inspiration from his family, S1W Bro. Mike, and THE DRE

Ebi Oginni & Sarah Teibo - Hear Me Roar (CCM)

Ebi Oginni & Sarah Teibo have released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'Hear Me Roar'. The song is a call to action for me and you, a reminder to be vigilant, knowing that we have an enemy who does not want us to fulfill our destiny and will go to any length to prevent us from doing so. It also serves as a reminder that all of creation is waiting for us to accept our calling. Because you are unique, with a calling that only you can fulfill, there are some things only you can do and people only you can touch. Ebi shares: 'This song was inspired out of a season when it felt like I was putting out small fires one after the other. It occurred to me that these could all be distractions to take my attention away from the things that really mattered- what God had called me to do, as a wife, mum, doctor, and artist. I started writing this song to strengthen my resolve, to not be distracted, and to stay focused. I approached Sarah Teibo to co-write the song w

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