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Our Top 25 Christian Hip Hop (CHH) of September 28th 2019

Our Charts are based on the actual number of times that a track has recently been played on the major streaming platforms. On Spotify: The Top 25 Christian Hip Hop (CHH) Rank Artist - Title Change 1 NF - Let You Down (Perception) +0 2 NF - Time - Edit (Time) +0 3 NF - Time - Edit (The Search) +2 4 NF - The Search (The Search) -1 5 NF - If You Want Love (Perception) -1 6 NF - WHY (WHY) +1 7 NF - I Miss The Days (The Search) -1 8 Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Sunday Candy (Surf) +0 9 NF - NO NAME (NO NAME) +0 10 NF - Real (Therapy Session) +0 11 Stormzy, MNEK - Blinded By Your Grace, Pt. 2 (feat. MNEK) (Gang Signs & Prayer) +1 12 NF - Green Lights (Perception) +1 13 Tauren Wells - Known (Hills and Valleys (Deluxe Edition)) +1 14 Beau Young Prince - Let Go (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)) -3 15 NF - Outcast (Perception) +0 1

For our Dutch followers - De Top 25 Nederlandstalig Christelijk populair (CCM) van 28 september 2019

Onze top 25 is gebaseerd op het werkelijk aantal keer dat een lied in de afgelopen 14 dagen is beluisterd op de grootste streaming platforms. Het maakt voor onze lijst niet uit wanneer een lied is uitgebracht. Het enige dat telt is wat er op dit moment het meeste wordt afgespeeld. Op Spotify: De Top 25 Nederlandstalig Christelijk populair (CCM) Nr. Artiest - Titel Verandering 1 Mozaiek Worship, Reni Kraayenoord - Jezus Overwinnaar (Jezus Overwinnaar) +0 2 Dwight Dissels - Dit Is De Dag (Dit Is De Dag) +0 3 Reyer, Talitha Govers - Jezus Overwinnaar - Acoustic (Jezus, Overwinnaar (Acoustic)) +0 4 Sela - Ik Zal Er Zijn (Ik Zal Er Zijn) +0 5 Stichting Opwekking - Zegekroon (764) (Opwekkingsliederen 38) +0 6 InSalvation - Vul Dit Huis Met Uw Glorie (Vul Dit Huis Met Uw Glorie) +1 7 Sela - Thuis (Thuis) +5 8 Elbert Smelt, Kinga Bán - Leef Met Volle Teugen (Leef Met Volle Teugen) -2 9 Stichting Opwekking - Stil,

These songs are currently part of our New Releases rotation

ALVIDO with the song Mind B-Shoc with the song Let It Go Cabela And Schmitt with the song Into Your Hands Cabela And Schmitt with the song Need A Love Cabela And Schmitt with the song Now That You Know Cabela And Schmitt with the song Thankful Cameron Moder with the song Glory To God Chris Kardiac with the song Unconditional Diomer (Feat. Shiwan) with the song Wake Up Etheris with the song Back 2 U Fuel Drop with the song The Time Is Now Fuel Drop with the song Waiting There For Me Jerry Boriboun with the song Believe  + Story Kris Miller with the song Sooner Or Later Kxng Seal with the song Last Forever Kxng Seal with the song Uplifting Leffes with the song Secureteam Loudbrook with the song Light Cancels Darkness MINGO! X JOSH! with the song Find My Way! R3NN with the song Forever Three CP with the song Falling Into My Mind (Original Mix) Progressive House Tony Prince with the song Racing Zachary Ray with the song Refuge 

Fuel Drop - The Time is Now

Brand new music from a new band called Fuel Drop.  "The Time is Now" is a song inspired by the story of Jonathan in 1 Samuel 14 who was outnumbered, but kept moving forward to conquer his enemies with God's strength. On Spotify:

Cameron Moder - Glory to God

Cameron Moder dropped a new release called: "Glory to God" Cameron wrote this song together with a good friend in a big field overlooking some beautiful mountains. They took in the sights and sounds, and this was the song that they started singing. It's about re-centering your heart to the truth that God will never leave you or forsake you. It's basically a muse on Psalm 121:1-2.  "I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." Enjoy! On Spotify:

MINGO! x JOSH! - Find My Way!

Everyone goes through different things in life, it can be super hard to handle it, but if we stay on the right path God can help us through anything. That is the message that MINGO! x JOSH! wants to share with the world. This new Christian Hip Hop track is a nice start of a new age of music (as MINGO! x JOSH! call their music). MINGO! x JOSH!are raw and Stand out. They bring a new vibe and style to music so that anyone can relate to the message they bring. Enjoy! On Spotify:

Zachary Ray - Refuge

Zachary Ray drops a new track called Refuge, a song with quite a story behind the song. Words cannot properly summarize Zachary's story, so we are sharing what Zachary shared with us about his track. "Refuge is a song that's straight out of my journal during an incredibly difficult season.  The song Refuge came from a cry to the all-knowing God when I was in a place of isolation - feeling surrounded by people and friends that loved us but feeling alone at the same time.  After my wife Amanda gave birth to our stillborn daughter Chloe, there were very few words of comfort that helped. Although people were praying and offering their words of comfort it felt like a season of being abandoned by God, and the dreams of holding our little girl were stolen and shattered. Grief is a funny thing. The initial sting and pain become dull over time, but the memories and dull ache continue to come in waves. I don’t think our hearts are created for this world to overcome “grief” f

Dany Vaise - Take It Higher Now (feat. Tomy Drako)

French indie electronic music producer Dany Vaise dropped a new single made with "Tomy Drako" called "Take It Higher Now". The song is available on all of the major platforms. On Spotify: On Soundcloud: On Youtube: On Deezer: And last, but not least: "Take It Higher Now" is also available on our CEDM Playlist:

Cabela and Schmitt - Need A Love

Cabela and Schmitt dropped a new song called "Need A Love". It is a song about a man's desperate need for a love that will bind his life together in true happiness and contentment. All the while love waits and watches as he stumbles through the ups and downs of his path to get there. On Spotify: On Soundcloud: On Apple Music: On Youtube: On Deezer:

B-SHOC - Let It Go

Don't hold a grudge, let it go! You really don't to be like that. Everyone needs forgiveness... With lyrics such as this, Bryan is sharing a powerful and inspiring message. Bryan Edmonds (aka B-SHOC), was raised in a Christian home in the small town of Toccoa, GA. He gave his life to Jesus at a very young age. B-SHOC spent most of his childhood with a tennis racquet in his hand. He attended Garner Webb University on a tennis scholarship. At GWU, he was named All American and won an NCCAA College Championship. His love for music began at the age of 16 when he was introduced to hip hop. It was love at first beat. The beat moved him in a special way, so much that he pursued a music career. After many years in the studio and mastering his talent, the music developed a whole new lifestyle for him, which landed him in the night clubs many nights of the week. As his success grew, and he partook of the lifestyle that came with it, depression set in. Something had to change. He