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Three CP - Fall Into My Mind

"Fall Into My Mind" is the newest EP from Three CP with new high energetic, dreamy Progressive House/Trance tracks. For more than two decades, Three CP has been producing innovative electronic music that continues to be refreshing, hypnotic and mood-inducing to listeners of all ages around the world. The work of Three CP is heavily influenced by the 90s house and rave scenes, along with the trip-hop movement. Three CP started creating his own brand of electronica at age 16. His first tracks were primarily Tech and Progressive House, Techno and vocal-based songs in Electronica and Downtempo genres. Today, Three CP’s music can be heard on popular channels including Kiss FM, DI.FM, Frisky and many others. He has released multiple Beatport Top 10 hits and regularly appears on the playlists of leading world-renowned DJs like Solarstone, Paco Osuna, Airwave as well as Gene Farris, DJ Taucher. On Spotify: On Soundcloud

Kxng Seal - Uplifting

Kxng Seal releases his first Trance track. Kxng Seal:  "I did not know trance so I had to reference from the song "Upkifting" by Perimich. It was nice to make it because I had a connection with the song when I was making it. Just like all Uplifting Trance songs, it is supposed to uplift you. inspire you." On Spotify: Also part of our Christian Dance Monthly playlist on Spotify & Deezer:

Mike Van Rose - One Stop After Midnight

Mike Van Rose has released a nice track called "One Stop After Midnight". The track is split in two parts, one represents a whole process of self-recognition and a second part, freedom. By using urban "ambient tone" I want to set the listener in a location, an area that can be stifling, in the second part this feeling is released and letting the listener flow to the end of the song in a continual crescendo. The track clearly is a window into the life of Mike Van Rose. We all know that life is a journey, yet we can never predict what might happen along the way or how long it will last. Some people prefer to roll over and let life happen to them. There are others, however, that want something more. They want to engage with life, interact with it – perhaps even change it, at least, in the way it impacts upon them. Portuguese musician, songwriter and DJ Mike Van Rose is fully aware of this. Mike's life – as well as his path along with it - changed at the age

Indigo Warriors - Spirit of a warrior

This is the latest release from Indigo Warriors and it's a return to what started it all. It's an empowering track about continuing forward and finding your inner-warrior. It's also a reminder of what's left behind as well as look towards what's to come. Both physically and spiritually... On Spotify:

Marquette King - S90210

Marquette King released the track S90201. Marquette says the following about this track: "S90210 is a song that I created in a time of my life when things weren't really going as well for me and was kind of lost about what was going on in my life. I decided to live on the beach for a month in the house that the show 90210 was shot in during the 90's. My life felt like it was going in different directions. One evening I was at the beach watching the sunset actually the cover picture for this single. I came to a realization that as weird and chaotic I felt my life was at the time all the ups, downs, is what makes it beautiful and unique in the end and watching that sunset at the end of the day was a way of reminding me that in the end with all the change in my life that's going on it's going to look like as beautiful as that sunset." On Spotify:

Recording of today's show now available on Soundcloud (the last show before our summer break!)

On Soundcloud you can find a full recording of today's The New Releases Show (aired on August 9th, 2019), on Christian Dance Radio. Go to: This is the playlist of today's show (this was the last show before our summer break...) Guidedbyspirits - Feel Lodewijk Werle - Perpetual Dip Tee - Smooth Ride Bryan Jong - Collateral Damage Leffes - New Beginning Dip Tee - God's Vision Wish I Was - High Hopes Next show will be on September 6th. Please note: we have formal copyright permission from each of the artists

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday, August 9th.

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday, August 9th. (The last show before our summer break...) Guidedbyspirits - Feel Lodewijk Werle - Perpetual Dip Tee - Smooth Ride Bryan Jong - Collateral Damage Leffes - New Beginning Dip Tee - God's Vision Wish I Was - High Hopes Next show will be on September 6th.

The Genres of Electronic Music - an overview... (v2)

If you thought that it was easy to memorize all of the genres of Electonic Music, then you may be in for a surprise... I created this chart in an attempt to help the team (as well as myself) understand which sub-genre belongs where, but it is just overwhelming... It turned out to be a nice poster. Feel free to download for personal use only. PS: Thanks to all who gave feedback to help improve this overview This illustration is registered with ID gJWBdSDq1QjX3HSu on

Did you miss today's New Releases show on Christian Dance Radio?

Did you miss today's New Releases show on Christian Dance Radio? Don't worry... here is the link to a recording of the show on SoundCloud. You can listen to the show for the coming week or two.

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday July 26th.

We received so many great tracks this week, that one hour is too short... so this week we will extend the New Releases Show! We will be airing the following tracks: Teg Ylow - Remember the Night ENTT - Mumbai Philip Parchment - Where We Go XyberBoT - Hallelujah Michael Rogel - What Else is There Protektor33 - Forcefield Nik Alevizos - Africa Romerlin - Boris The Tailors - Different Roads Nemke - Liberty (Radio Mix) Fabiano.J - Fever  Zyrille Zuño - we Harriet Manice - Color Machine Remix by Max Wrye David Vaters - RED SEA Charisse Vaughn - Feel So Good Some may have already noticed, but we are airing a couple of relaxed tracks towards the end. Even though they are more CCM genre, these tracks made such an impression that we feel that they deserve to be heard... And after all the energy that is being pumped up, these tracks make a great landing back to earth.

Nemke - Liberty

Nemke (Serbia) is well known on the international dance floors. He returns with his brand new track “Liberty,” on Intonenation Records.  “Liberty” opens with an unfamiliar tech sounding twist, which builds quickly into a descending synth theme. Rising with a circular trance bass riff which grows underneath the beat, it approaches a breakdown with the synth theme hitting hard and the tension soaring. The breakdown hits like a tsunami of bass voices, obliterating everything that came before and a new world order is unmistakably laid bare. Reaching and climbing with piano melodies and sweeping strings, the breakdown develops into a massive saw synth theme which proudly stands alone while your hands reach for the sky.  When the beat drops, the synths continue to grow and you again realize that nobody can take away the freedom that you have in your mind, your heart, your soul. Your freedom to choose how you will respond to any situation, your freedom to just accept the biggest gift of

Xyberbot is on the roll!!!

Xyberbot is on the roll!!! She has just announced her next release called "Hallelujah", and I've heard it in the pre-release and it is delightfull Future House track. The official release date is this coming Friday, July 26th, exactly on time to be aired in the next New Releases show... (I wonder if Xyberbot actually timed it so that the release date would coincide with my show? Nah... that is too much honor... let's just call it good luck!) It it isn't clear by now, I hav e already reserved a slot in the program for this track! So watch your favorite platform for the actual release, and don't forget to listen to the show  : -D

Xyberbot - King of Kings

Trance lovers - here it is! Xyberbot's new release (July 2nd) called King of kings. 5 min 43 sec of pure trance dedicated to the King of kings. You might wonder... who is Xyberbot? Xyberbot is a self-taught electronic music artist from Phoenix. Her aim is to energize and inspire people through her work. She believes anyone can teach themselves anything if they practice for at least 15 minutes every day. The song is released on Deezer: , S potify and on Apple:… In parallel... I have received the HQ Audio file, so it will be broadcasted this Friday on Christian Dance Radio (19:00 - 20:00 hrs CET) Enjoy!