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Pastor B 27 - Dear Lord (R&B/CHH)

Pastor B 27 - Dear Lord
Pastor B 27 has released a Christian R&B Hip Hop track called 'Dear Lord'.

Pastor Bobby is Pastor B 27. All of Pastor B 27's music was created using only Apple Products, GarageBand. All was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and GOD has a reason for all of this. The point of all of this is not to gain popularity or fame, but to seek the kingdom of God and bring Glory to God. His music is not just a song, but a testimony that needs to be heard, and this may be the way it reaches even more who need to hear it.

His goal is to inspire people to be more like Jesus, to have a greater love for God, and each other, and to understand that every single person can make a difference. He hopes that if people are listening to his music, they will be drawn closer to God and change the way they look at things in their own lives.

About the Artist-Pastor B 27
The way this all started was back in 2020 when COVID hit hard and all of us Pastors went to online preaching. I would go live on Social Media Platforms and my videos would get interrupted. The music I was using for the background was from my favorite Christian artists, just like in church and I would get a notification 'The music in your video belongs to someone else.' This would frustrate me because others I knew that were doing the same thing weren't having that problem so much. In desperation, I made attempts to send messages by email or DM's to Christian artists asking for permission to use their music and obviously would get no response. So, one-day GOD says to me, 'Make your own music.' Long story short, it's been a very long road of 2 years, but I can tell you that by the grace of GOD, I have 4 songs published and videos that no longer get interrupted, because I own the rights to my music. This was a lesson to be learned, and GOD used this to fulfill a desire of my heart that I had abandoned long ago. There's much more to this testimony, but I tell it best when I preach and when I write songs. As you truly get to know me, you will hear just how good GOD is and how powerful a testimony we have. Stay tuned, GOD is just getting started-Pastor B 27

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