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The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week - Thursday, August 18th, 2022

The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CC<) released in the past week

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music & CEDM released between August 11th and August 18th, 2022. 

Most new releases are published on Fridays. Each Thursday we look at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed CCM & CEDM releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list!

So here's this week's chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM + CEDM) in the English language released in the past week:

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Rank - Title - Artist
#1 - 'Me on Your Mind (feat. Anne Wilson)' by Matthew West, Anne Wilson
#2 - 'O Lord, You're Beautiful (with Steffany Gretzinger)' by Chris Tomlin, Steffany Gretzinger
#3 - 'Higher' by Anthem Lights
#4 - 'Open' by LO Worship
#5 - 'Sing Hallelujah (Psalm 103)' by Shane & Shane, Kingdom Kids
#6 - 'MILLION WAYS' by Alexander Pappas, Riley Clemmons
#7 - 'You Are' by Mac Powell
#8 - 'Promise to the End' by LO Worship
#9 - 'Steady Light' by LO Worship
#10 - 'Only Ever Good (feat. Steve Davis & Jordan Colle)' by SONS THE BAND, Tribl, Steve Davis, Jordan Colle
#11 - 'Jesus Over All' by LO Worship
#12 - 'He's Not Done' by LO Worship
#13 - 'Hidden' by RICHLIN
#14 - 'More Of You' by Kevin Quinn
#15 - 'Awesome' by James Stefano, just Fede
#16 - 'Re-Enchanted World - Live' by John Mark McMillan
#17 - 'Coming Back - Live' by Thrive Worship, Mitch Wong
#18 - 'Up To Something - Live' by Gas Street Music, Taku Mudere
#19 - 'Great Is Your Mercy' by Don Moen
#20 - 'Place To Land' by Jess Ray
#21 - 'Feeling Good' by ISLY
#22 - 'This Time' by Jesus Loves Electro, Mitch Wong
#23 - 'As Long As It Takes' by Corey Voss, Leslie Jordan
#24 - 'Already Gone - Demo' by The War Within
#25 - 'Better Day' by Chandler + Maria Letner
#26 - 'Cry' by Emily Faith
#27 - 'Hiding Place' by A Jesus Church
#28 - 'It Is Well' by Destiny Worship Music
#29 - 'Good Life' by ISLY
#30 - 'FOREVER LIFTED HIGH' by Likewise Worship
#31 - 'Fly' by Jesus Loves Electro, Neteland
#32 - 'He Is With You' by Adam Agee
#33 - 'Christ Be Magnified' by Maranatha! Music
#34 - 'Nothin' Better' by Zeal Worship
#35 - 'Holy Spirit' by Jesus Loves Electro, Neteland
#36 - 'A Million Saints' by The Church Will Sing, Matt Sallee, Expression58 Worship, Michelle Lutz
#37 - 'move' by Mas
#38 - 'In Your Presence' by ITOWN Worship
#39 - 'I Won't Let Go - Sam Bowman Remix' by Christian Singleton, Sam Bowman
#40 - 'Truth & Hope' by ITOWN Worship
#41 - 'You Deserve Honor' by ITOWN Worship
#42 - 'Spirit Come' by ITOWN Worship
#43 - 'All I Ever Needed' by Jonathan Turner
#44 - 'Savior & Friend' by Mac Powell
#45 - 'Good Day' by Alyssa Jordan
#46 - 'Seat At The Table' by ITOWN Worship
#47 - 'Better Days' by Mary Ozaraga
#48 - 'Always Enough' by Natural State
#49 - 'Asking You to Move' by Connection Music, Rachel Wiggins
#50 - 'Refining Fire' by Amanda Danziger

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