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New Christian Music Releases For Friday, July 29th, 2022

Here are the new Christian Music releases that we have gathered for you over the past week. This overview contains releases in the genres: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), Christian EDM (CEDM), and Gospel. 

At the end of this post, you can find links to our playlists with the recent releases. Upcoming Thursday we will share an overview of the most popular songs that were released today (based on the number of streams).

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(The song titles on our webpage are clickable and open the album / song on Spotify.)
Meant to Be
By: Tiffany Frampton
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Tiffany Frampton - Meant to Be
How Long / How Lovely
By: Steph Andrews
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Steph Andrews - How Long / How Lovely
Bigger Table
By: Matt Maher
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Matt Maher - Bigger Table
Say Goodbye (Say Hello) [Sunny Weather Mix]
By: The Afters
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
The Afters - Say Goodbye (Say Hello) [Sunny Weather Mix]
How Good of God
By: Matthew West
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Matthew West - How Good of God
By: Influence Music, Matt Gilman
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Influence Music, Matt Gilman - ASK
Take It To Jesus
By: Anna Golden, Kari Jobe
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Anna Golden, Kari Jobe - Take It To Jesus
Left It In The Water
By: We The Kingdom
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
We The Kingdom - Left It In The Water
By: Canyon Hills Worship
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Canyon Hills Worship - Surrender
Heart of God
By: Zach Williams
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Zach Williams - Heart of God
Deep Dive - EP
By: SEU Worship, Sydney James
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
SEU Worship, Sydney James - Deep Dive - EP
Roaring Thunder (Live)
By: John Mark McMillan
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
John Mark McMillan - Roaring Thunder (Live)
90s CCM Medley
By: Anthem Lights
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Anthem Lights - 90s CCM Medley
The Work, Vol. 2
By: Elias Dummer
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Elias Dummer - The Work, Vol. 2
Behold: The Story
By: The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane - Behold: The Story
The Turning
By: Meredith Mauldin, UPPERROOM
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Meredith Mauldin, UPPERROOM - The Turning
I'd Rather Have Jesus (Nothing But Jesus) [Live]
By: Fellowship Creative
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Fellowship Creative - I'd Rather Have Jesus (Nothing But Jesus) [Live]
Grace Alone (Live)
By: HeartSong
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
HeartSong - Grace Alone (Live)
Someone's Praying
By: Brad & Rebekah
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Brad & Rebekah - Someone's Praying
Sing to the Lord (Wake Up)
By: Connection Music, Chase Buchanan
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Connection Music, Chase Buchanan - Sing to the Lord (Wake Up)
By: Zachary Ray
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Zachary Ray - Waves
By: Jess Debenham
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Jess Debenham - Infrastructure
By: Barry & Michelle Patterson, Mark T. Bovee, Ivy Patterson
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Barry & Michelle Patterson, Mark T. Bovee, Ivy Patterson - Twenty
By: Fresh Life Worship
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Fresh Life Worship - Night
Ghosts & Empties
By: Greg LaFollette
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Greg LaFollette - Ghosts & Empties
Pour It Out
By: A Jesus Church
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
A Jesus Church - Pour It Out
Tongue Tied
By: 7 Hills Worship
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
7 Hills Worship - Tongue Tied
parking lot
By: Allie Paige
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Allie Paige - parking lot
By: Collington
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Collington - Valley
Remember Tomorrow
By: Jim Sonefeld
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Jim Sonefeld - Remember Tomorrow
By: Nathan Taylor, Vincent McNatt
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Nathan Taylor, Vincent McNatt - Beautiful
Forever I'm Satisfied (Glory to God)
By: Chris McCall
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Chris McCall - Forever I'm Satisfied (Glory to God)
In Christ Alone
By: Anchor Hymns, Sandra McCracken, Antoine Bradford
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Anchor Hymns, Sandra McCracken, Antoine Bradford - In Christ Alone
Slip Away
By: Matt Crosson
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Matt Crosson - Slip Away
Songs From Our House (Live)
By: GateCity Music, Caleb Andrews
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
GateCity Music, Caleb Andrews - Songs From Our House (Live)
Moments (Live)
By: Providence Worship, Philip Herndon, Brittany Sipling
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Providence Worship, Philip Herndon, Brittany Sipling - Moments (Live)
Your Love Is
By: Eikon
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Eikon - Your Love Is
By: Aaron Cole
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Aaron Cole - Hands
Creation Song
By: Our Future Glory
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Our Future Glory - Creation Song
Always Were
By: Tenielle Neda
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Tenielle Neda - Always Were
All My Hope
By: Bayside Worship
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Bayside Worship - All My Hope
God of Infinite Mercy (Remix)
By: Joshua Spitsbergen
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Joshua Spitsbergen - God of Infinite Mercy (Remix)
Energy (EchoStorms Remix)
By: LZ7, EchoStorms
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
LZ7, EchoStorms - Energy (EchoStorms Remix)
Catch These Hands (Remix)
By: JIMMY ROCK, KJ-52, Pettidee
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
JIMMY ROCK, KJ-52, Pettidee - Catch These Hands (Remix)
Day Off
By: KickOff
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
KickOff - Day Off
By: Brandyn Kalani
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
Brandyn Kalani - EVRYTME
Slam (Big Beat)
By: Jack Izaak
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
Jack Izaak - Slam (Big Beat)
By: Candy LaFlora
Genre: Gospel
Candy LaFlora - War
Rampology, Vol. 1 (Live)
By: Bishop S.Y. Younger, The Sounds of the Ramp, Claude Gardner
Genre: Gospel
Bishop S.Y. Younger, The Sounds of the Ramp, Claude Gardner - Rampology, Vol. 1 (Live)
I Love The Lord (Live)
By: Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony
Genre: Gospel
Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony - I Love The Lord (Live)
Free Indeed (Wonder) [Live]
By: Citipointe Worship
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Citipointe Worship - Free Indeed (Wonder) [Live]
By: Marcus Bornold
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
Marcus Bornold - TIME
Holy Cube City (produced in Arpeggi)
By: Bryson Price
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
Bryson Price - Holy Cube City (produced in Arpeggi)
Gospel Classics:Vol. 2
By: The Recording Collective
Genre: Gospel
The Recording Collective - Gospel Classics:Vol. 2
Everything was Good
By: Lannie Inseparable We
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Lannie Inseparable We - Everything was Good
Miss A Thing
By: MVMNT Music
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
MVMNT Music - Miss A Thing
Choose to Live
By: Meyta, Michael T.C. Williams
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Meyta, Michael T.C. Williams - Choose to Live
Heroes (Single)
By: Eyes On Him, Caleb Seibert
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Eyes On Him, Caleb Seibert - Heroes (Single)
You Go With Me
By: Mitch and Kristen Krebs
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Mitch and Kristen Krebs - You Go With Me
Broken Oil (Live)
By: Resting Place, Mike Sunbury
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Resting Place, Mike Sunbury - Broken Oil (Live)
Keep Me Jealous
By: Dana Diaz
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Dana Diaz - Keep Me Jealous
best friend
By: Jonathan Ingersoll
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Jonathan Ingersoll - best friend
Raise The Praise
By: Judith Christie McAllister
Genre: Gospel
Judith Christie McAllister - Raise The Praise
Break My Heart Open
By: Kingdomcity
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Kingdomcity - Break My Heart Open
The Psalms EP
By: Eleven22 Worship
Genre: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
Eleven22 Worship - The Psalms EP
"Never Let Me Down" Live in Tupelo, MS
By: Josh Myles
Genre: Gospel
Josh Myles -
Jesus I Need You
By: Johnny B Unique, Nathan Cheeseman
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
Johnny B Unique, Nathan Cheeseman - Jesus I Need You
Together we stand
By: DJJireh
Genre: Christian EDM (CEDM)
DJJireh - Together we stand
Just Johnny
By: Johnny Ruffin\, Jr
Genre: Gospel
Johnny Ruffin\, Jr - Just Johnny

We add all of the New Releases that we find to our New Music playlists for CCM, CEDM, and Gospel. 

We have quite a few weekly refreshed playlists for your listening pleasure! Check out our Christian playlists on:

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