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The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week - Thursday, May 19th, 2022

The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CC<) released in the past week

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music & CEDM released between May 12th and May 19th, 2022. 

Most new releases are published on Fridays. Each Thursday we look at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed CCM & CEDM releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list!

So here's this week's chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM + CEDM) in the English language released in the past week:

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Rank - Title - Artist
#1 - 'Meant For Good' by Brandon Lake, JUDAH.
#2 - 'Help Me Let Go' by Tasha Layton
#3 - 'Come Home' by Tauren Wells
#4 - 'Don't You Give Up On Me' by Brandon Lake
#5 - 'Fear Is Not My Future' by Brandon Lake, Chandler Moore
#6 - 'Pharaoh (Let My People Go)' by Brandon Lake
#7 - 'Young Love' by James Paek
#8 - 'Gonna Be Alright' by Ryan Ellis
#9 - 'So Close' by Brandon Lake, Amanda Cook
#10 - 'Always Holding On' by Brandon Lake
#11 - 'Anyway' by Benjamin Hastings
#12 - 'Come, Lord Jesus, Come' by The Worship Initiative, Aaron Williams, Davy Flowers
#13 - 'Hard Year' by Brandon Lake
#14 - 'None Like You' by Tekoa
#15 - 'SAVE ME' by Brandon Lake
#16 - 'Thank You' by Brandon Lake
#17 - 'Come To Jesus (Rest In Him)' by Keith & Kristyn Getty, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker
#18 - 'To the King' by Local Sound
#19 - 'For Jesus - Live' by Black Voices Movement, Circuit Rider Music, Alvin Muthoka
#20 - 'Nothing is Too Hard for You - Live' by Vineyard Worship, Tim Brown
#21 - 'Grace Greater' by Travis Cottrell
#22 - 'Love Cuz We're Loved' by Tenielle Neda, Paul Zach
#23 - 'Refuge' by The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane
#24 - 'I Will Sing' by Sandra McCracken
#25 - 'Finished With Fighting - Live Tapes' by Todd McVicker
#26 - 'What I'm Waiting For - Song Session' by DOE, Essential Worship
#27 - 'All I Want (Let You Love Me) - Live' by Gas Street Music, Millie Ferguson
#28 - 'Still Falling for You / Can't Help Falling in Love' by Caleb and Kelsey
#29 - 'River Of Life - Live In Atlanta, GA/2021' by Mac Powell
#30 - 'Praise Him - Live' by Daystar, Leeland
#31 - 'O Love That Will Not Let Me Go' by Keith & Kristyn Getty, Dana Masters
#32 - 'All Creatures (Hallelujah to the King)' by Mountaintops, Anna Benton
#33 - 'Catch My Breath' by Tasha Layton
#34 - 'Fighting For Me' by Collington
#35 - 'Oh Give Thanks (Psalm 107) - Live' by Wendell Kimbrough
#36 - 'Free Indeed' by Local Sound
#37 - 'Here Now' by AWAKE84
#38 - 'On Christ' by Local Sound
#39 - 'Joy Comes' by Tasha Layton
#40 - 'Patient Work - Live' by Vineyard Worship, Sarah Pemberton
#41 - 'Worthy of Celebration - Live' by Rachel Morley, Tori Saludez
#42 - 'Mighty River - Live' by Vineyard Worship, Sarah Pemberton
#43 - 'Good Things Happen (Spontaneous) - Live' by Gas Street Music, Nick Herbert
#45 - 'Signal - Madzi Remix' by Matthew Parker, MADZI
#46 - 'Lovely' by Brook Hills Worship, Kayla Norton
#47 - 'The Grass Withers and the Flowers Fade' by Brook Hills Worship, Daniel Renstrom
#48 - 'Signal - Logan Martin Remix' by Matthew Parker, Logan Martin
#49 - 'Found By Jesus' by Brook Hills Worship, Dawson Brown
#50 - 'MERCY' by Brook Hills Worship, Elijah Gibson

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