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Red Letter Society - CANYON (CCM)

Red Letter Society - CANYON
Red Letter Society has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called CANYON.

The third installment to Red Letter Society's upcoming album “Pioneer” explores the depths of God’s love for us. Not only does God love us ‘while we were still sinners,’ but He knows us by name!

“Canyon” begins with a small intimate arrangement reminding us of the closeness of God and bringing the song back to its origin, a simple song written on a mountain by a campfire. Later, the song explodes into a triumphant anthem of worship responding to God’s love.


I dare not even draw near 
For this is holy ground 
This mountain sparks in me fear 
But I hear a precious  sound 

You call my soul to ascend 
The hill of the heavens 
You called my wretched heart a friend. 
Welcomed me to your presence

Your goodness welcomes me here  
And on this holy ground 
Valleys of shame disappear 
As You speak a precious sound 

How dark is my valley 
At the foot of your mountain
Your glory and fire ablaze
And I am amazed 
I am amazed

How deep are the canyons 
Filled with your goodness 
That you would even know me by name 
Oh I am amazed
I am amazed 

Your goodness calls me 
My heart will listen 
As deep calls to deep 
It’s you alone I’ll seek

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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