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The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week - November 25th, 2021

Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released between November 18th and November 25th, 2021. 

Most new releases are published on Fridays. On Thursdays, we look back at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list!

So here is this weeks chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week:

Rank - Title - Artist
#1 - 'Over And Over Again' by Kevin Quinn
#2 - 'Scars in Heaven - Song Session' by Casting Crowns, Essential Worship
#3 - 'Hurry - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#4 - 'Fire In Your Eyes' by Martin Smith
#5 - 'I Wish It Would Snow' by Dave Barnes
#6 - 'Heavy' by Stephen Stanley
#7 - 'Ancient of Days' by REVERE, Aaron Lindsey, Phil Thompson, Mark Barlow
#8 - 'Forever And Ever' by RIDERS, Circuit Rider Music, Eileen Walker
#9 - 'I Will Fear No More - Live' by The Afters
#10 - 'Stones - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#11 - 'Joy to the World' by JJ Heller
#12 - 'It's Time To Worship - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith, Chris McClarney
#13 - 'Make Room - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#14 - 'I Need Christmas - Single Version' by Daniel Doss, Skye Reedy
#15 - 'Anchor of Our Hearts' by Victory Worship
#16 - 'Emmanuel (Adore The King)' by Lara Neumann, Sam Samba
#17 - 'Show Love - Extended Version' by Jamie Grace, Morgan Harper Nichols
#18 - 'Come Through - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#19 - 'O Come O Come Emmanuel/King Of Heaven' by The War Within, Madison Nightingale
#20 - 'Together Again' by The Kingdom Choir, Jake Isaac
#21 - '(Spontaneous) - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#22 - 'Never Gets Old - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#23 - 'Christmas (What the World Needs)' by Cochren & Co.
#24 - 'Gloria' by Victory Worship
#25 - 'Hark! Our King Has Come' by Victory Worship
#26 - 'Just One Touch - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#27 - 'Forever Evergreen (Here in the Winter)' by Hannah Kerr
#28 - 'Healing Oil - Live' by Kim Walker-Smith
#29 - 'O Holy Night' by Land of Color
#30 - 'Joy To The World' by Victory Worship
#31 - 'New Streams - Live' by Grace City, Chase Wagner
#32 - 'Let Love' by Dani Miché
#33 - 'What Hurts the Most' by Tyler Sowards, Mass Anthem
#34 - 'You to Me' by Dave Barnes
#35 - 'O Holy Night' by Victory Worship
#36 - 'Sweet Baby Jesus' by Dave Barnes
#37 - 'Reconcile' by Skye Reedy, DOE
#38 - 'This Christmas' by Chris August
#39 - 'O Come All Ye Faithful - Live' by The Worship Initiative, John Marc Kohl
#40 - 'Born a King - Reimagined' by Stephen McWhirter, Jason Clayborn
#41 - 'Angel Boy' by Dave Barnes
#42 - 'Have Your Way' by Audacious Worship
#43 - 'No Talk' by Sarah Nathalié
#44 - 'Miracle of Christmas' by Abby Robertson
#45 - 'Rest in the Shadows' by New City Collective, Dave Aubrey
#46 - 'Run and Hide' by REVERE, Mitch Wong, Kayla Berry
#47 - 'Consume Me' by Austin Ludwig
#48 - 'Alpha and Omega / Praise Him' by REVERE, Geoffrey Golden
#49 - 'I Choose You' by Sarah Nathalié, Noël Mio
#50 - 'Perfect Father' by REVERE, Aaron Lindsey

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