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Michael Simmons - Tell Me (CHH)

Michael Simmons - Tell Me
Michael Leonard Simmons has released a Christian Hip Hop (CHH) track called Tell Me.

'Tell me' is simply about telling someone you love them. We struggle sometimes as humans to express our love. Even when we love someone, we find it difficult to tell them (verbally) that we love them. Despite this, we were created to love. Love enables us to shine in a world filled with hatred. 

For those of you who have never been told that they are loved . . . I truly Love you. You are created in the image of God. As a result, you are worthy to be Loved. 


Tell me you Love me,
And I’ll love back,
Tell me you Love me,
We all need that,
Just tell me you Love me
Tell me Love me

Sometimes were lonely and stressed out/ eyes filled with pure doubt/2How can we help, each other out/ when we curse each other from filthy mouths/4 and we don’t understand how hard it hits/ and you don’t understand I can’t forget//6 I was traumatized, I was hurt/ you left me alone, down in the dirt/8 where’s the Love, do you love me/ can you show Love, as if you was me/10 can you tell me, that you do love me/ give me open arms, can you hug me/12 or does it hurt to bad does you hurt/ but you don’t even REALIZE OR KNOW YOUR WORTH//14 I do love you, and I will show you/ do you love me back, come cry on my shoulder/

Tell me you love me, can you do it/ show me you love me, can you prove it/2 tell me you love me, I WANT TO HEAR IT/ and if you Love me, I want to FEEL IT/ 4 stop the pain, stop the hurt/ what we are dealing with is generation curse/6 in this selfish world, where everybody’s first/ and it’s sad to say, it only gets worse/8 but some of us are selected by God/ to win a couple over, we fight the odds/10 to win a couple over we going hard/ even if it means, spiritual scars/12 see the truth is, I want you to love/ because some need it to overcome drugs/14 cause need it to understand there worth/ tell me that you love me, even if it hurts/16
Outtro: see some of us, don’t know how to love because it was never shown. Be patient, be kind, be long suffering, be understanding. And one day, that person may learn how to love far beyond anyone’s expectations. So if it hurts for you to tell someone you love them, because it’s hard to come out, I’ll say it first, I love you! Please Love me back!

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