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Jonathan Jackson - Jericho (CCM)

Jonathan Jackson - Jericho
Jonathan Jackson has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Jericho.

Jonathan shares: “Jericho is a song about giving up our fight for control and how the walls that we build up keep us from truly living “sometimes I feel like Jericho, my walls won’t ever fall, I’ve boarded up the windows, nothings getting out, no one’s getting in” and how the last thing we want(God) is the one thing that we actually need”


Verse 1
Sometimes I feel like Jericho
My walls won’t ever fall 
I’ve boarded up the windows
Nothings getting out and no one’s getting in
I built myself into a fortress
In the kingdom I have made
I justified my reasons 
For every brick I laid to keep the pain away

Pride comes before the fall
Though I keep fighting
I’ve built these fragile walls
I’m just surviving
The last thing I want is the one thing I need
When I’m defeated I find victory
Pride comes before the fall

Verse 2
I thought that I was midas
Everything just turned to gold
And like the story goes
Every debt I owed, paid it with my soul
I’m looking for a hammer now
Some things have got to break
The dreams that I have chased
Locked me in a cage, now become my chains

Sometimes the way out
Is the way in
Sometimes you gotta turn around 
and start again

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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