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The Top 100 Christian EDM (CEDM) for Saturday, October 30th, 2021

The Top 100 Christian EDM (CEDM)

We have 6 new tracks in this week's chart. The highest new entry this week is 'Alright (Remix)' by Jonathan Ogden and Chris Howland at position number 84. 

The highest climber in the chart this week is 'Freedom Wild' by Motion Worship, moving up 11 positions to number 70. 

Rank - Title - Artist (Change)

#1 - 'Kings & Queens' by Mat Kearney (+0)
#2 - 'Wanted' by NOTD, Daya (+0)
#3 - 'Symphony' by Switch, Dillon Chase (+0)
#4 - 'Gold' by Britt Nicole (+0)
#5 - 'Back In Time - Wilson & Smokin' Jack Hill Remix' by LZ7, Smokin' Jack Hill, Wilson (+2)
#6 - 'Firestarter (Doug Weier Remix)' by Manafest (-1)
#7 - 'I Wanna Remember (feat. Carrie Underwood) - R3HAB Remix' by NEEDTOBREATHE, R3HAB, Carrie Underwood (-1)
#8 - 'Everything' by TobyMac (+0)
#9 - 'Right on Time (feat. Tobymac)' by Aaron Cole, TobyMac (+0)
#10 - 'Burn The Ships (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (+6)
#11 - 'Stones' by Manafest (-1)
#12 - 'For An Angel - Radio Edit' by Paul van Dyk (-1)
#13 - 'Fuego (R3HAB Remix)' by Steven Malcolm, Shaggy, R3HAB (-1)
#14 - 'Don't Wanna Wake Up' by Capital Kings (-1)
#15 - 'Love Me Like You' by The Young Escape, nobigdyl. (+3)
#16 - 'Good Life' by The Young Escape (+3)
#17 - 'Adventure' by Matthew Parker (-3)
#18 - 'Amazing Grace - HGHTS Remix' by Hyper Fenton, Moflo Music, HGHTS (+2)
#20 - 'Who We Are' by MDSN (+1)
#21 - 'Love With Your Life' by Hollyn (+1)
#22 - 'SIMPLE (feat. Joe L Barnes)' by ELEVATION RHYTHM, Joe L Barnes (-5)
#23 - 'Love Is on Our Side' by Capital Kings (+0)
#24 - 'Live for the Drop' by Capital Kings (+2)
#25 - 'All Good' by Capital Kings, Hollyn (+3)
#26 - 'I Feel so Alive' by Capital Kings (-2)
#27 - 'You're Not Alone' by Owl City, Britt Nicole (-2)
#28 - 'God Only Knows (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (+2)
#29 - 'Not My Style (R3HAB Remix)' by Sarah Reeves, R3HAB (-2)
#30 - 'Nobody' by Local Sound (+5)
#31 - 'Never Giving Up On You' by Matthew Parker (+5)
#32 - 'Future' by River Valley Worship (-3)
#33 - 'Wild' by Local Sound (-2)
#34 - 'Count Me In' by Switch (+5)
#35 - 'Jump' by Myoon (-3)
#36 - 'Headspace - GOLDHOUSE Remix' by Riley Clemmons, GOLDHOUSE (-3)
#37 - 'You'll Never Be Alone' by Capital Kings (-3)
#38 - 'Alive' by Big Daddy Weave (-1)
#40 - 'So Alive' by The Young Escape (+0)
#41 - 'TOGETHER (R3HAB Remix) [feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly]' by for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin, R3HAB (+4)
#42 - 'More Than Air' by Local Sound (+4)
#43 - 'Not Today - Remix' by Hillsong UNITED, Cole Walowac (+5)
#44 - 'WIT IT' by Cape Lions (-3)
#45 - 'Love Won't Let Me Down' by Hillsong Young & Free (+5)
#46 - 'Echo (Studio Version) (feat. Tauren Wells)' by Elevation Worship, Tauren Wells (-4)
#47 - 'Keep It 100' by 3FOR3 (-4)
#48 - 'Every Little Thing' by Hillsong Young & Free, Andy Mineo (+3)
#49 - 'Can't Live Without' by Hollyn (-5)
#50 - 'Thunderstruck' by Owl City, Sarah Russell (+5)
#51 - 'Northern Sky (feat. Kb)' by Capital Kings, KB (+7)
#52 - 'All I See (feat. CASS)' by Jaisua, CASS (-5)
#53 - 'Won't Look Back' by SEU Worship (-4)
#54 - 'Just Jesus' by Hillsong Young & Free (-2)
#55 - 'Silhouettes' by CASS (-2)
#56 - 'Leka' by Armin van Buuren, Super8 & Tab (-2)
#57 - 'Jump' by Switch (+7)
#58 - 'Because Of Your Love' by Chris Quilala (+7)
#59 - 'Right Where You Want Me' by Sarah Reeves (+7)
#60 - 'neverfade' by The Young Escape (-4)
#61 - 'Less Than a Minute' by Tinlicker (-4)
#62 - 'In the Wild' by Capital Kings (-3)
#63 - 'The Darkness (feat. Svrcina)' by Built By Titan, SVRCINA (+6)
#64 - 'Letting Go' by Verses (+7)
#65 - 'joy. (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (-5)
#66 - 'Grace Like a Wave' by Elevation Worship (-5)
#67 - 'Let Go' by Hillsong Young & Free (-5)
#68 - 'STICKS & STONES' by CASS (-5)
#69 - 'I Can't Quit (feat. Reconcile)' by Capital Kings, Reconcile (-2)
#70 - 'Freedom Wild' by Motion Worship (+11)
#71 - 'I just need U. - Capital Kings Remix' by TobyMac, Capital Kings (-3)
#72 - 'Collide (feat. Jonathan Thulin)' by Built By Titan, Jonathan Thulin (-2)
#73 - 'The Wonders Of You' by Andy Hunter (+11)
#74 - 'Infinite Dream' by Cruce Merchant (-2)
#75 - 'Completely' by LEDGER (-2)
#76 - 'Kerosene' by MDSN (-2)
#77 - 'Where You Are (Reimagined)' by Hillsong Young & Free (-2)
#78 - 'Resurrection Life' by C3LA Music (+8)
#79 - 'Don't Look Down (feat. Blake Young)' by CASS, Blake Young (-3)
#80 - 'Tonight' by TobyMac, John Cooper (-3)
#81 - 'Brighter' by WYLD, SSTEDI (-3)
#82 - 'Snapshot' by Matthew Parker, JSteph (+6)
#83 - 'Come Back Home (GATTÜSO Remix)' by Petey Martin, Lauren Daigle, GATTÜSO (-4)
#84 - 'Alright (Remix)' by Jonathan Ogden, Chris Howland (NEW)
#85 - 'Symphony - Radio Edit' by Switch, Dillon Chase (-5)
#86 - 'Rip It Up (feat. Aaron Cole)' by Capital Kings, Aaron Cole (+6)
#87 - 'This Is Not a Test (Capital Kings Remix) [feat. Tobymac]' by Capital Kings, TobyMac (-5)
#88 - 'Wild (Remix)' by Local Sound (-5)
#90 - 'Earth' by Gateway Youth (+10)
#91 - 'Energy' by Hillsong Young & Free (NEW)
#93 - 'Radical' by Ecclesia, CalledOut Music, CASS (-6)
#94 - 'Glorious Day - Remix' by Passion, Kristian Stanfill, Jeff Lawson (NEW)
#95 - 'Every Good Thing - Neon Feather Remix' by For All Seasons, Neon Feather (-6)
#96 - 'Promise Keeper' by sxxnt. (-6)
#97 - 'Anxious (Mokita Remix)' by Sarah Reeves, Mokita (NEW)
#98 - 'Your Mercy' by LUMINS, Austin Stone Worship (-7)
#99 - 'Into Your Arms' by Capital Kings (NEW)
#100 - 'Believer' by Capital Kings (-7)

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