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The Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week - September 30th, 2021

Top 50 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week

Discover the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released between September 23rd and September 30th, 2021. 

Most new releases are published on Fridays. On Thursdays, we look back at the Christian music (we know) that was released in the past week and select the 50 most-streamed releases. Our fans / followers are always the first to see this list!

So here is this weeks chart of the most popular Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) released in the past week:

Rank - Title - Artist
#1 - 'For God Is With Us' by for KING & COUNTRY
#2 - 'Back To Life - Live' by Bethel Music, Zahriya Zachary
#3 - 'Hymn Of Heaven - Live' by Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Zahriya Zachary
#4 - 'Son Of Suffering - Live' by Bethel Music, David Funk, Matt Redman
#5 - 'Weathered - Live' by Bethel Music, Dante Bowe, Hannah McClure
#6 - 'For The Good' by Riley Clemmons
#7 - 'Reason To Praise - Live' by Bethel Music, Cory Asbury, Naomi Raine
#8 - 'I Belong To Jesus - Live' by Bethel Music, Paul McClure, Hannah McClure
#9 - 'All Hail King Jesus - Live' by Bethel Music, Bethany Wohrle
#10 - 'Ring and Robe (Welcome Home) - Live' by Bethel Music, Dante Bowe, Naomi Raine
#11 - 'Send Me - Live' by Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson, Chris Quilala
#12 - 'On The Altar' by UPPERROOM, Elyssa Smith
#13 - 'My King Forever - Live' by Bethel Music, Josh Baldwin
#14 - 'He Reigns (Spontaneous) - Live' by Bethel Music, Dante Bowe
#15 - 'Standing In Miracles - Live' by Bethel Music, Emmy Rose
#16 - 'Wherever You Lead - Live' by Bethel Music, Kristene Dimarco
#17 - 'Now Here (feat. Kierra Sheard)' by Red Rocks Worship, Kierra Sheard
#18 - 'Dear Evan Hansen Medley' by Anthem Lights
#19 - 'The Heat' by Stephen Stanley
#20 - '1991' by Mac Powell
#21 - 'New Day' by John Mark Pantana, Mark Barlow
#22 - 'Remember' by Josh Wilson
#23 - 'Mood Swings' by Hollyn
#24 - 'House of the Lord' by Vertical Worship, Essential Worship
#25 - 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Live' by The Worship Initiative, Bethany Barnard
#26 - 'perfection' by Switch
#27 - 'Be Still & Know' by Jordan Smith
#28 - 'If I Had Stayed' by Gatton
#29 - 'Altogether Good - Live' by Citizens
#30 - 'Face to Face' by Mark Barlow
#31 - 'One Name - Ek Naam' by Selah
#32 - 'Pavement - Live' by Citipointe Worship, Chardon Lewis
#33 - 'Pour Your Spirit Out - Live' by Thrive Worship
#34 - 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' by Rachael Nemiroff
#35 - 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Live' by Chris Tomlin
#36 - 'Kingdom Symphony' by John Waller, Hadlee Waller
#37 - 'Light Of The World' by Covenant Worship
#38 - 'In The Room - Live Version' by Jon Reddick
#39 - 'I'm So Glad I Met Jesus - Live' by Thrive Worship
#40 - 'God Gave Me Horses (feat. Vince Gill)' by Leigh Nash, Vince Gill
#41 - 'Man by the River' by Kingdom Culture Worship
#42 - 'Let's Have Church - Live' by Thrive Worship
#43 - 'Promised Land' by Village Lights, Ike Ndolo
#44 - 'Joy to Be - Live' by Citizens
#45 - 'Breath of the Father' by Austin Ludwig
#46 - 'Wash Over Me' by Brave Worship, Baily Hager
#47 - 'There is a Hope - Live' by Thrive Worship
#48 - 'Heal My Heart - Live' by Brandin Reed
#49 - 'This Is Faith' by Emily Faith
#50 - 'Echo Holy - Deluxe Edition' by Red Rocks Worship

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