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Roberto Rosso - Come to worship (CEDM)

Roberto Rosso - Come to worship
Roberto Rosso has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called Come to worship.

Come To Worship is a well-known worship song written in English and Dutch and sung by Elisa Krijgsman's daughter.
Dewi Krijgsman collaborated together with Roberto Rosso, Florian and Xonar.

Roberto Rosso turns every performance into a big party through his pounding beats, energetic tracks, and striking lyrics. His music is a big hit with audiences. As for this DJ's sets, there is more to it than meets the eye. There is a powerful message in his sets that everyone needs to hear. DJ Roberto Rosso started spinning 10 years ago. Music was his first love at that time. That changed when he found Jesus Christ at the age of 17 and decided to follow Him.

"I am a freedom fighter!", Roberto says. Roberto Rosso encourages young people, both through his music and through his presentation, to start living a life of faith with God. He is convinced that Jesus can set people free. He wants this for other young people as well! Roberto Rosso not only spreads a powerful message, but he also inspires hope. That's what Roberto Rosso means when he calls himself a "freedom fighter." In music, he and the other artists are calling for that freedom!


Lord, we have gathered.
Lord, we have come to meet with You.
Our hearts are hungry,
anticipating more of You.
Though our words may seem so simple,
be enthroned upon our praise.
Lord, we worship You
in spirit and in truth.
We're astounded by Your mercy,
we're amazed to find such grace.
Lord, we give ourselves
completely unto You.
We have come to bring You worship
and to celebrate Your grace.
We declare Your majesty
here in this place.
And the only motivation
for the things we say and do.
We've come to worship,
come to worship You!

Come To Worship
Lyrics: Elisa Krijgsman & Belinda van de Loo
Music: Elisa Krijgsman

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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