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Darling We’re Dancing We've Been Liberated - Redeemed Rhythm (CCM)

Darling We’re Dancing We've Been Liberated - Redeemed Rhythm
'Darling We’re Dancing We've Been Liberated' has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Redeemed Rhythm.

The song "Redeemed Rhythm" is the debut single from the band, "Darling We're Dancing We've Been Liberated."
With radiant synthesizers and retro pop inspiration, their debut track makes an unforgettable impression. It centers around the freedom that comes with letting Jesus into your heart. You cannot resist dancing in the Lord's joy when filled with the Holy Spirit. Are you able to recall the moment you fell in love, and how He changed everything about you?


Verse 1
when I was young, I felt a stir that met my longing 
the sacred voice, shaped my path and formed my calling 
he said, precious child, take my words and start the sing them, I’ll give you songs prophesy them for my kingdom 
when I rise, the maker has an anthem written 
scribed on my heart, I sing aloud what God has given

I dance in his freedom 
I put on a garment of praise
He's my only reason 
Creating in his holy name 


I'm running on the river bend, I'm dancing with the Holy Spirit, I’m singing out a sacred hymn, nothing but the blood of Jesus
remember you fell in love 
When he changed every piece of you 
when he realigned your heart 


I don’t want a lukewarm faith, forsaking convictions for culturals approval 
I want the Pentecostal way, where fire is falling and mountains are moving 
it’s time for a holy revival, a fresh wind is filling the air
It’s time for his holy arrival, he’s reaching to those who draw near 


I feel a new dawn breaking 
its screaming hail King Jesus 
no apathetic praises 
I want whats shaking heaven 
freedom within his presence 
found in a redeemed rhythm 
It’s time to roar his praises 
hail the king of heaven

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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