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Xandria Cross - Take Your Medicine (CHH)

Xandria Cross - Take Your Medicine
Xandria Cross has released her latest Christian Hip Hop (CHH) track called Take Your Medicine.

Xandria is a 19-year-old from Knoxville, Tennessee. She has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. She graduated early from high school at the age of 16, in order to pursue a career as a full-time artist. Xandria says, “Music transcends languages. It’s timeless, it’s emotion, it’s pain and joy and love. It’s so special, and to be able to bring a new song into the world, that is totally unique and unlike anything else, inspires me. Music is a coping mechanism for so many, and I just want to be able to use my music to spread healthy, uplifting, encouraging messages. If I can’t be with people, to help and talk with them in person, it’s my hope that my music can lift them up in my absence.

In 2020 & 2021, Xandria embarked on a 20 city, 7000-mile national tour with the Extreme Tour. In 2019, Xandria was invited to perform at the Thunder Tent stage at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Take Your Medicine is a song about the crazy world that we are living in. It makes you ponder on the question: "What's the cure?" Xandria's answer to this question is clear and simple: "I thank God and my parents for the way they made me. Been beside me day and night through all the crazy. But my biggest thanks to JC, Cuz he saved me!"

LYRICS "Take Your Medicine": 

You’re so Ill take your medicine
In worse shape than the US debt is in 
Up so high so I jettison
Shed some light like I’m Edison
Just hold tight gimme stacka paper and a pen
Coming in like Kylo Ren
Kinda reckless kinda zen
Messed up too I can’t condemn
See the rules and I try to bend em
Y’all sleeping like stuck in R.E.M.
In a daze everyday till you hit the end
Better set your alarms while I said the trends
You and your friends busy straight playing pretend
If this is a game sorry but I transcend
On another level and it’s about time to ascend
Ain’t got time for your sin out here trying to win 
you can join me but don’t drag me back where I’ve been
No no no no
Cuz I ain’t going back there nah

All these crazy people out here loud can’t tell me nothing
I don’t listen ain’t because I’m proud
Cuz devils cunning
When they come around and ask me how
I say I’m gunning
In my circle I don’t stick around 
It’s cause I’m running (running)

Running the race
Chasing the faith
Yeah I’m kicking fear in the face
Pick up the pace
Path I picked a dangerous chase
Demons screaming block em out 
Can’t let em faze me
Satan call me 
hang up tell him not today please
Fortune tellers back off 
Say my futures hazy
You don’t know a thing hon
Heaven got the gravy
Everyone around me 
Saying I’m so wavy
Guess the army I’m in
Lil like the navy
Puttin in my time quiet
Nah your girl ain’t lazy
I thank God and my parents 
For the way they made me
Been beside me day and night
Through all the crazy
But my biggest thanks to JC
Cuz he saved me

I’d a been in an asylum
If he hadn’t come to see me
I can get a lil lost in my own mind
He brought relief 
Prescribed some good ole peace and quiet and he called for my release
All the haters gawking “my oh my has she got a disease?”

If he hadn’t brought me back to life by now I’d be deceased
If you preying on me stop I swear I won’t switch my allegiance 
Yeah you talk the talk a lot I guess I’ll call ya General Grievous
Sorry you ain’t got the force don’t see why you got a grievance

Bye bye good riddance
Have fun counting all your blue ribbons
Feeling free now I got my acquittance 
Done dealing with all these villains, villains, villains

With all these villains with all these villains with all these villains

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