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JB Damesenjah - I Try (CHH)

JB Damesenjah has released a Christian Hip Hop (CHH) track called I Try.

Artist bio:
"JB Da Mesenjah" is half of the secular rap group formerly known as O.H.E. and is back at it this time with the anointing.  JB is known for his hard street lyrics melodic type voice with a versatile skill that's been lost in hip hop for some time. He has been redeemed by Christ and the gift that God has given him in the first place has increased. JB has a message for the world to hear and it's needed. Damesenjah has music for everyone he has been through a lot and shares his pains and gains in his music. He resides in Raeford NC where he Pastors a Church and encourages the community the hood is we're he loves to minister.  They were me at one point JB said it is only right I reach back, help, and show a better way. Damesenjah partners with his wife Serenity, an anointed vocalist in her own right, to make harmony you're guaranteed to enjoy. Though she has the ability to be solo and may do so in the future her focus is making good music unto the LORD. They are currently working with Malachi ministries  (CEO/fellow artist Malachi) on a feature project. Malachi a War veteran with a heart for God share in the like passions as they come together to see God's Kingdom glorified. So enjoy let these prophetic poets bless your soul Share with someone here is a Gift from God that's ready for the world!

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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Name: JB Damesenjah
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