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Fina Oei - Satisfied (Gospel)

Fina Oei has released a Gospel track called Satisfied.

Fina Oei is an Indonesian singer-songwriter. As a woman of faith, music has helped her through difficulties in life. Fina wants to share her message through her music to listeners. "Satisfied" lets Fina express her musical style and share what has given her strength.

"Satisfied" is, on its face, an R&B song. Infused with flavors of late 80s and early 90s new jack swing, hip hop and pop, it becomes something more. Fina layers in lyrics from T.J. Judkin's hymn "Enthroned Is Jesus Now" that convey faith and hope in the promise believers have in Christ. Her intention was to create a listening experience that was both enjoyable and deeply personal. 

Fina shared the following background with us: "I love hymns and there is something about hymns and the way they are written in telling the complete story—God’s love story for us. I also deeply resonate with Revelation 7 and just how much my heart longs to see this beautiful and glorious scene at the fullness of God’s time. We don’t sing about eternity enough, and I am so excited to have tweaked the hymn Enthroned Is Jesus Now to what we know now as Satisfied. We have a hope to look forward to when all of our deepest longings one day will be satisfied in Christ. What a glorious day that will be."

When asked what inspired this song: "I was inspired by the hymn Enthroned Is Jesus Now by T.J. Judkin as well as Revelation 7. I wanted more songs to paint the picture of eternity and how God is going to restore and make everything new. I want to re-emphasize that we are all sojourners here and that our heart longs for an eternity with God because nothing will ever truly satisfy us apart from Him. And the best part is, because of Christ, we can look forward to the future with hope."


Enthroned is Jesus now
Upon His heavenly seat
The kingly crown is on His brow
The saints are at His feet
In shining white they stand
A great and countless throng
A palmy sceptre in each hand
On every lip a song
There with the glorified
Safe by our Savior’s side
We will be satisfied
We will be satisfied

There with the glorified
Safe by our Savior’s side
We will be satisfied by and by
They sing the Lamb of God
Once slain on earth for them
The Lamb through whose atoning blood
Each wears his diadem
Your grace O Holy Ghost
Your blessed help supply
That we may join that radiant host
Triumphant in the sky
And one day
There we shall see his face
Let songs abound and tears be dry
From the rivers of unending grace
We will be satisfied

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Fina Oei (Wowor) is an Indonesian singer-songwriter who has sung in church since she was 13 years old. She was part of the group Fina Wowor & Rebirth in 2007 which won the Indonesian Gospel Music Awards: New Artist of the Year and Best Group of the Year in 2008. Fina has sung at Indonesia's Java Jazz Gospel Sunday segment in 2008 and 2014. Fina's passion is to preach the gospel through the medium of music and to promote Christ-centered songs to the church. Fina has led worship with fellow worship leaders Neli Atiga, Sidney Mohede, Israel Houghton, and Wayne & Libby Huirua.

Currently, Fina Oei is focusing on releasing new music with producer William Augusto of In His Presence Label. Together, they collaborated to create a collection of songs that celebrate Fina as an artist and her creative and spiritual vision. "I Lift My Eyes (Psalm 121)," "Holler Hallelujah", and "Satisfied" are the songs that emerged from this partnership.