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Out of The Dust - Pity Party (CCM)

Out of The Dust has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Pity Party.

Husband/wife duo Out of The Dust released their new single, "Pity Party”. Chris and Stephanie have an incredible marriage redemption story they have been sharing on the road the past few years at marriage conferences and Family Life events. They have shared their story on the 700 Club & Fox News. Their story connected them with Plumb, who has a similar story,  which led to the recording of a duet that found success the year before Covid and logged 2 million streams. 

Just as their touring was experiencing momentum, the Covid lockdowns put up a major roadblock. “Pity Party” was written about that experience and how God showed up to help them work through the disappointment. 

I think I should say I’m sorry
I’m sorry
For throwing a pity party
That’s just like me
Making it all about me

Tired of feeling tired
Yet wired
My mind feels so scattered
there’s no pattern
I need to believe this matters
Help me see

Cause I get blinded
And I can’t find it
I need reminding
My only constant is

You’re all I’m needing
I’m finally breathing
It’s You
I’m not my feelings
You help me see it
See it’s You

Trying to do the right thing
Here comes the stop and starting
Still you’re wanting
To love me through my wandering
Help me see

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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