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NEEDTOBREATHE, R3HAB, Carrie Underwood - I Wanna Remember (feat. Carrie Underwood) - R3HAB Remix (CEDM)

NEEDTOBREATHE, R3HAB, Carrie Underwood has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called I Wanna Remember (feat. Carrie Underwood) [R3HAB Remix].

This feels like
One of those moments moving by so fast
You wanna do something just to make it last
You wanna do something to remember
Breathe it in
The feel of your body on my fingertips
The moonlight on fire and the clothes we're in
We gotta do something to remember
We don't wanna forget it
I wanna memorize you
Wanna stay here forever
Cause I, I...
I take a picture in my mind so we're always together
Cause I, I wanna remember
I wanna remember
The night is clear
All of the stars out in the atmosphere
Wishing that they were you and me right here
They're showing off for us
I don't wanna forget it
I don't know how
Every second gets better
I wanna be here now
I want to remember

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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