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ØM-53 - Runaways (CEDM)

ØM-53 has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called The Voyager.


Dreaming of tomorrow 
Not knowing what the day will bring
Every day is a new start
Racing to our destiny
We will pick our bags and run away
Leave it all behind
To the place where he wanted us to be
Right back to the start
Right back to his heart

We are all a bunch of runaways 
Looking for a place to go
Not knowing where we’ll stay
Just hoping you will lead us home
Though the mountains are in the way
We know that you will clear the road 
All we know is at the end of the day
We’re still a bunch of runaways 

Warm breeze feel the wind in my hair
No destination but we’re on our way there
Sit back turn on the radio we’ll live this 
Moment and we’ll let it go

My heart beats out of my chest 
Pedal down where do we go next
Summer sky that’s what we know best
Chasing clouds headed towards the sunset

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

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