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Lanre - Whole Wave (CHH)

Lanre has released a Christian Hip Hop (CHH) track called Whole Wave.

Lanre shared the following lyrics with us:

Better tell these boys I’m a whole wave
I could never take the path that the world paves
You can read but i'd rather write my own page/
I’m so driven that it’s borderline road rage
drop the top then I pop in my own lane/
What I spit turn to flames like it’s propane
Flip the switch loose the chain then I go Saiyan
Enemies want me back into my old ways
You better tell these boys I’m a whole vibe
They see something different when they look me in my eyes/
James Bond with a tux in my own mind
No spy on a mission for the most high
Still coming at your neck like a bow tie/
Straight and narrow I could never play both sides/
Imma roll with the spirit call it ghost ride/
I was chosen I do not need a co-sign/
Drug free but I still deal dope lines/
Hmmm straight facts dawg no lie/
Chill vibes like I’m listening to lofi
Wasn’t made to fit in so I don’t try/
Samurai keep a double edge close by/
They gone have a hard time tryna stop me/
Started from the bottom but they cannot top me
Dawg I must be a graph from the way they plottin
But to God its quick math cuz He’s good at solving/
Man I really don’t stress no mess he can’t fix
God got his hand on me and his grip don’t slip
Man his handle too strong like a And1 mix
Really Christ came balling
quick cross now they falling/
to the flesh yes we be steady mobbing
To the rest bless following the calling/
Yea you better tell these boys he a whole G
O D on the throne like don’t approach me/
Sits high but he came down low key/
Paid the price gave his life charged no fee/
That’s why I know God could never owe me/
That’s why I give praise to the O G/
That’s why I bow down talking both knees/
Others do a lot of talking gotta show me/
Roll sleeves sow seed then I proceed

gotta practice patient not complacent/
Every move gotta makes sense gotta pace it/
I’m Keanu in the matrix on these agents
Man I popped that red pilly now I’m on a roll/
Back bend dodging arrows cuz they want my soul/
Tried to fit me in the system but I broke the mold/
Came to God as a fraction he made me whole yea now you know/

Hope you enjoy the track!

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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