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Coby James - Brand New (CCM)

Coby James has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Brand New.

A song about giving God control over your life, trading in the old for something new... and witnessing how God is turning every part of your life into something heavenly.

We've got the video and the full lyrics for you!

Traded all my dark for the light 
Traded all my blindness for sight 
Traded all my pain for the gain 
Got my key to the gate 
And a seat at Your table, yeah 

I look up and I can see You got me where I wanna be 
Every single part of me becoming something heavenly 

You make me brand new 
It’s like I’m rising up from the water 
Living in the light you’ve called me into 
Every day’s a new beginning 
My heart is like a church choir singing 
Hallelujah, hallelujah 

Said goodbye to all of my stains 
Like my soul got a fresh coat of paint 
And I know I won’t be the same 
Won’t go back again, no, never, no way 

I look up and I can see You got me where I wanna be 
Every day You’re working 
And You’re doing something good in me

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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