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For the Fatherless - Faithfully Mine (CCM) + video & lyrics

For the Fatherless has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Faithfully Mine.

Here's a note from For The Fatherless about the song: 

"What’s special to us about this song is that it sings as an invitation over us. What if you looked back and remembered all God’s faithfulness in the past as an invitation deeper into His presence now? That’s where we belong."

Here are the lyrics:

Won’t you take my hand
Let me lead you to a place
Where you’ll find rest
I know what you need
Let me take away those burdens from your chest

I know you’re tired
And you’re weary
Of all those feelings
You’re so worried
Don’t you know that I’m providing
Everything you’ve been desiring?

You belong in my presence
Right here in my arms
Lay down your defenses
Come and know my heart
There’s no secrets between us
There’s no fault here to find
I am faithfully yours
Be faithfully mine

Won’t you take my hand
Let me show you 
who I am beyond this mess
I know where you’ve been
Let me help you find true beauty once again

I know you’re trying to find a way
To break the silence and shake the pain
Don’t you know that I’m not running 
From anything that you’ve been hiding

I know that you’re scared of letting go
But know that I’m here holding onto you
I know that you’re scared of letting go

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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